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  1. Hi just by asking questions and following suggestions I have found the answer. I put the film clip into editing software with the sound I wanted and when saving gave me a number of extensions I copuld use. MP4, OGV,WEBM, they all work in different platforms but not all. One extension that works in all android, apple,moz, msn all makes of smart phones with full controls is m4v. I have never heard of M4v until an hour ago. below is the code used which works in the way I wanted. On phones you get a arrow to press to start which works fine its not auto on mobile but is on android tablet but
  2. Hi tried this code from w3schools <video width="900" controls> <source src="fun.mp4" type="video/mp4"> <source src="stones.ogg" type="ogg"> Your browser does not support HTML5 video. </video> sound worked when separated into separate controls but put together same results of no control no sound. Back to the original script <video src="Fun.mp4" controls autoplay loop width="600" height="350"> </video> </div> <audio src="stones.MP3" controls autoplay hidden loop ></audio> I have no idea how to get the sound cont
  3. Thank you for your help used the embed scrapped the css. Then put in sound to play but used this code which worked good on all platforms. There is a problem in which is puzzling me it is the sound control it does not work on screen. all the other icons work on the control bar To full screen, stop start movie When you separate the 2 controls they work fine but I am trying to get the sound control to work with the video control just below is code I have written. <video src="Fun.mp4" controls autoplay loop width="600" height="350"> </video> </div> <audio src="black.MP3
  4. Used old script and then put in visibility Hidden which worked okay moved embed to css lay out but visibility not working not sure what put in.I have made it auto start. Html page <audio controls autoplay> <source src="2jc.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" class="c1"> Sorry your browser does not support our audio at 2jc. </audio> below the css /* CSS layout 2jc */ /*<![CDATA[*/ embed.c1 { width: 692px; height:155px; background-image:url('perfume-logo.jpg'); visibility:hidden; outline-color:fuchsia; background-position:center; } /*]]>*/ ) 2
  5. I still use it for getting the basic css script that is written for me but you have to do a lot of work in the css. You have to keep your eyes on the script as it does place script on the HTML pages in the wrong place. It also puts a BOM byte order mark on each page you have to take off. It does create messy HTML.
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    Drop down menu

    Hi Its on the drop down tried to put a picture on the drop down with the links on ? .dropdown-content { display: none; position: absolute; background-color: #ffcccc; min-width: 70%; Got it took me 20 minutes to get a picture in the content .dropdown-content { display: none; position: absolute; background-image: url( 'logo2.png') ; min-width: 70%; I was trying to use img src="12.jpg" alt="menu" Now I going to move the script into the main web site css its working fine what I expected.
  7. Yes it is worth taking a look at Microsoft expression I find it better than some of the other stuff on the market except for Dreamweaver cs3
  8. I still use front page its web expression now tried Adobe Dreamweaver which is a traffic programme but for the basic sites I build Adobe Dreamweaver is to much.
  9. Tried every thing clearing browser catch what I do while changing ccs write text on the doc page when I see it I know changes have taken place. I can go to other pages that's not using the ccs style sheet make changes on the page text and put in pictures which publish in milliseconds. Its only when making changes in the css script which can take up to 10 minutes to publish. I have nearly finished the form only got the @media to put in the css
  10. Hi What I finding making alterations to ccs style sheets this seems to apply when part of the script ie a form is linked to js, php, or asp it, can take up to 20 minutes for script changes to appear on the web. I have closed down the site and reopened the changes are still on the webpage but not on the web for minutes. When you change a colour, height, width padding these changes are instant, But a form, its horrible trying to put some design in to the form. it catches you out by the time you make several changes to the script and one change is wrong its difficult to identify which bit is
  11. Hi Thank you The <i> and <span> worked but put the text out of place the <br> worked well. I did think about styling it in a block but <br> works fine.AS I understand the <br> is useful for writing addresses and poems and did not consider using it for other purposes. Thank you again for your time JohnC JohnC
  12. Hi I cannot find a way to validate this code. marked in red error The report I get back is "expected Element p not allowed as child of element h2 in this context" <div class="content-grid"> <a href="single.html" class="b-link-stripe b-animate-go"> <img src="images/pi2.jpg" alt="rose"> <div class="b-wrapper"> <h2 class="b-animate b-from-left b-delay03 "> <span>Cool App Design</span> <p>development, mobile</p> <i> </i> </h2> </div> When I rewrite to; <div class="content-grid"> <a h
  13. Hi just a quick question spent an hour looking for an answer In the w3c schools js script pop up box where does the " Prevent this page from creating additional Dialogues" come from in the example JohnC
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