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  1. Hello. i know I posted something here a while ago, but i cant find it. How can i search / find all of MY questions/answers ?
  2. SOLVED - the w3-select class had forced 100% width, I created a new class using the same values but without the width part/restriction.
  3. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_input.asp Hi, I'm using w3css and have a problem with a select field. Ive got a form (obviously) with a big TABLE - rows/columns. in one of the TD fields Ive got a bit of text, and then a SELECT field. The options within the select field are January, Feb, mar etc.. December Now - The select field is appearing BELOW the text i want - even thougfh the width of the TD field can obviously contain both the text & select fields in one line. i'm trying [CODE]<select class="w3-select" style='display: inline-block; float: left;' name="MYNAME" onchange="this.form.submit()">[/CODE] However i cant get the select field to be the same line as the proceeding text . any advice ? EDIT: the SELECT field fills the whole width of the TD field. So i can see that the words & select could easily fit on 1 line
  4. Client side ? Dont you mean server side ? - HOW ? (javascript ?)
  5. Hello. I have a table in W3CSS. Ive got 4-5 lines / sections, and in each section I have one line of SELECT fields (along with other information). i am wondering I have 4-5 SELECT fields in a table line/row, and one TEXT field. Is there a way that if a person a) keeps all values blank (nothing selected) - no messages come up. b) when they select one value in that row, or adds a number in the text field (I guess i'll use classes), a script checks all values in that row & gives a warning if any value is blank.
  6. Hello. The colspan command is being depreciated and i am wondering waht is the valid / new way to do a colspan using css (Validated on an html validator) I have a site with multiple lines of data ( 20-30+ ) in a table format & i want the information in one row to align vertically with the line below HOWEVER its getting too wide, so i want to move some information into the line below each row, and use colspan - to make it take up the whole row, EXAMPLE :- ROW1 - DATA1. ROW1 - DATA2. ROW1 - DATA3. ROW1A - LONG TEXT COVERNG WHOLE ROW ROW2 - DATA1. ROW2 - DATA2. ROW2 - DATA3. ROW2A - LONG TEXT COVERNG WHOLE ROW ROW3 - DATA1. ROW3 - DATA2. ROW3 - DATA3. ROW3A - LONG TEXT COVERNG WHOLE ROW
  7. SOLVED - clear: both; (though still not sure why the error occured )
  8. Hello, I hope everyone is having a good new year so far. Ive got a strange issue which I cant figure out how to resolve. In October, I added a newsletter to our site. Everything looks Ok & works. (I used the W3 validation tool https://validator.w3.org - Everything checks out & its valid - except for 3rd-party website information). Last night / today I added a 2nd newsletter. the problem is, the "footer" that should appear at the bottom of the page, now sits on the right-side of the screen where (vertically) the text of the newsletter starts off. I also validated this page & everything checks out (except the third-party HTML code). with the validations - there are no errors with open/closed DIV tags, everything as it should be. Ive made a check & the "text" of the newsletter only contain BR tags (self closing). I cannot see why the 'footer' isnt at the bottom of the page. Ive even (now) added the BLOCK command - To force it to the next line. But no, no changes. div id="footer" style="display: block" http://animals.kwister.com/newsletters/2020_10 - October 2020 is Ok (on my screen), but the January 2021 version is showing the problem.
  9. Hi, I'm wondering about advice regarding rotating adverts / messages. Ive not had adverts etc on my site before so this is the first (but I do have rotating one-liner messages in various places using carousel.) https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_slideshow.asp I am wondering - about creating "one" advert containing 2 words/phrases that rotate in themselves.. But then when a 2nd rotation is complete, The ad changes to a "second" advert which may contain picture or more HTML. example :- A ) Advert one, first screen/message B ) Advert one, second screen/message C ) Advert two, only one screen/text I can probably figure out how to rotate A & B - as individual ads.. but What I'm after is to show A, then B - rotate them a few times "as one ad", and then move onto C. What i'm not after is to show B, then C and back to B again - as 3 separate / distinct ads. has anyone got advice on how to achieve this ? Or even understand how im explaining it ?
  10. Took out the w3-margin command & its now working
  11. .w3-table-center{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto} .w3-table-70{width:70%} Hello. I'm trying to follow W3 standards (with a few additions above to the standard CSS) So far, I have this :- <div class="container w3-center"> <div class="container w3-panel w3-margin w3-center w3-table-half w3-table-center w3-yellow"> TEXT </div> </div> basically i want the 'panel' to be 60% or 70% the width of the screen - i CAN do this However it is still flushed to the left side of the screen - but taking 60/70% of my screen - depening on how i adjust the code.. I even tried o add an outer div with center command - but thats still flushed ' to the left.. i CAN do this with a TABLE. does anyone know how i do it with a div / panel / container ? make it centered, & not take over the whole width of the screen.
  12. FACEPALM !! - sorry... spend hours looking at a problem & its such i minor mistake
  13. FURTHER - Ive made changes - removed VALUE from the textarea - it now posts as GET (even though the form is set as POST).
  14. Hello. I have a bit of a problem with W3CSS and INPUTS (textarea) https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_input.asp Textarea is not referenced with the above page. Here is my HTACCESS :- RewriteRule ^([0-9]+)?$ /PATHNAME/yours_description.php?entity=$1 [nc,l,QSA] if i go in the URL - path/67 my script activates and the vaklue of $entity is retrieved. HOWEVER - PROBLEM. I want a TEXTAREA to be sent as a POST value. But no matter what I do in w3css, the textarea comes out as blank. (my php script also has print_r for $_GET and $_POST - the $description value isnt passed at all.) Here is my template <form class="w3-container w3-light-grey" action="/yours/description/{$entity}" type="POST"> <label>Your Business description</label> <textarea class="w3-input w3-border-0" name="description" rows="6" cols="45" value="{$description}"></textarea> <button class="w3-btn w3-brown">Update</button></p> </form> Is it possible to use a combination of GET and POST ? I'll rather use GET so a person can easily switch entities. But the rest of the form elements need to be in POST.
  15. gordonisnz

    W3css CSS file

    Hi, who or where do we contact to make improvements to W3css ? https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css Im using the above CSS - however ive added my own, which may be useful to the wider community. .w3-table-center{margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto} .w3-table-half{width:49.99999%} .w3-table-5{width:5%} .w3-table-10{width:10%} .w3-table-15{width:15%} .w3-table-20{width:20%} .w3-table-25{width:25%} .w3-table-30{width:30%} .w3-table-35{width:35%} .w3-table-40{width:40%} .w3-table-45{width:45%} .w3-table-50{width:50%} .w3-table-55{width:55%} .w3-table-60{width:60%} .w3-table-65{width:65%} .w3-table-70{width:70%} .w3-table-75{width:75%} .w3-table-80{width:80%} .w3-table-85{width:85%} .w3-table-90{width:90%} .w3-table-95{width:95%}
  16. http://www-db.deis.unibo.it/courses/TW/DOCS/w3schools/w3css/w3css_tooltips.asp.html Hello. i'm looking at the W3css system, and I'm wondering if there is a hover process to REPLACE text. The above tooltip is waht im after but it INSERTS text instead of replaces it. Is there a way to hover, and replace the text with an A HREF tag / link ? PS Ive actually changed my PC & lost the URL for the w3-css tutorials. The one im familiar with is very similar to the above URL. however it looks better presented / display.
  17. Hello. Ive used icons before - with no problems. However today ive added a new page which includes the w3-css Icon of a facebook logo. i class="fa fa-facebook-official w3-blue" Its at the bottom of the page (footer) - able.kwister.com the problem is that 1) it has a blue line above/below the F character for facebook. 2) when i add the &amp; after the I element, I also get a black underline between the facebook logo & the next image. The more AMP i add - the bigger the lines. Is there something simple i'm missing ? I just want the F logo/circle - & i'll adjust the colour to match Facebooks logo.. without any lines above or below... EDIT - Ive fixed the underline between the icon & the next graphic. I had the closing A tag after the AMP tags instead of before.. but the other problem remains.
  18. Never mind - Fixed. i mis-spelt the word stye
  19. Hello. I'm using a copy of https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css Basically I have a table with 4 TD entries per row. 3 of them are just numbers & the 4th has text in it. Sometimes the text column is very long & goes onto several lines. When this happens, the 3 number fields are vertically-aligned to the middle. How can i alter my text to vertically-align the whole row to the top ? Ive put the Srtyle tag in the TR field and / or the TD fields - nothing works. Im (currently) using <tr class='w3-margin' stye='vertical-align: text-top'><td>31</td> <td>01</td><td>3</td> <td class='w3-left w3-left-align'>TEXT HERE<br /><br /></td></tr>
  20. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_input.asp I am trying to follow the above examples. Forms with INPUT and SELECT are easy enough, however the above page has no examples if how TEXTAREA is used ? ive used textarea successfully on normal forms, however I cant seem to get it working on W3CSS. All I see is a single line - Not multiple lines / textarea. has anyone got an example using W3CSS & multiple lines ? If I dont use inline-block, the input takes up the WHOLE line. i want label & input on same line. and yes, i am aware of readonly. i'll remove that after testing. The latest code I'm using now is:- <label style='display:inline-block;'><strong>Description</strong></label> <input class="w3-input" type="textarea" style='width: 75%;display:inline-block;' rows='4' cols='60' name="description" value="{$articledetails.description}" readonly><br />
  21. RESOLVED: i had the wrong content-type. I fixed it in htaccess by adding this line: AddType text/css .css
  22. Is my CSS file being delivered in a format OTHER than text ? ive copied the css file & HTML/W3CSS coding from a working subdomain - so it should work
  23. Hello. 1) i have the w3.css file correctly uploaded. 2) My html code correctly points to the css file. 3) my HTML validates in an online validator. Basically, ive been re-doing an entire page/site with using W3css now. Ive added the heading / title part of the HTML - & that is correct - using containers. However the visible output is NOT using w3css. Its just using regular HTML (& not doing what i want.) is there a check I can use online to validate the W3css code ? Ive got four or so other sides that follow the same format as im using now & they display correctly. ALSO - If the (visible) 'header' part is using W3 correctly, but there are problems below, should the top be displayed correctly ? or is the whole thing broken. ? Edit: http://newtib.kwister.com/login
  24. Thanks. Is there any documentation on this ? (it works). Ive figured out the 1.6s number is speed, higher the number the slower it goes.... EDIT: Found it - https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_animation.asp
  25. EDIT: How do i NOTIIFY ME OF REPLIES - after i post something ? (i found out now -that i can do this if i reply to my own message). but theres no option to do this on an existing post. (I posted the above message without ticking the box).
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