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  1. Never mind - Fixed. i mis-spelt the word stye
  2. Hello. I'm using a copy of https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css Basically I have a table with 4 TD entries per row. 3 of them are just numbers & the 4th has text in it. Sometimes the text column is very long & goes onto several lines. When this happens, the 3 number fields are vertically-aligned to the middle. How can i alter my text to vertically-align the whole row to the top ? Ive put the Srtyle tag in the TR field and / or the TD fields - nothing works. Im (currently) using <tr class='w3-margin' stye='vertical-align: text-top'><td>31</td> <td>01</td><td>3</td> <td class='w3-left w3-left-align'>TEXT HERE<br /><br /></td></tr>
  3. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_input.asp I am trying to follow the above examples. Forms with INPUT and SELECT are easy enough, however the above page has no examples if how TEXTAREA is used ? ive used textarea successfully on normal forms, however I cant seem to get it working on W3CSS. All I see is a single line - Not multiple lines / textarea. has anyone got an example using W3CSS & multiple lines ? If I dont use inline-block, the input takes up the WHOLE line. i want label & input on same line. and yes, i am aware of readonly. i'll remove that after testing. The latest code I'm using now is:- <label style='display:inline-block;'><strong>Description</strong></label> <input class="w3-input" type="textarea" style='width: 75%;display:inline-block;' rows='4' cols='60' name="description" value="{$articledetails.description}" readonly><br />
  4. RESOLVED: i had the wrong content-type. I fixed it in htaccess by adding this line: AddType text/css .css
  5. Is my CSS file being delivered in a format OTHER than text ? ive copied the css file & HTML/W3CSS coding from a working subdomain - so it should work
  6. Hello. 1) i have the w3.css file correctly uploaded. 2) My html code correctly points to the css file. 3) my HTML validates in an online validator. Basically, ive been re-doing an entire page/site with using W3css now. Ive added the heading / title part of the HTML - & that is correct - using containers. However the visible output is NOT using w3css. Its just using regular HTML (& not doing what i want.) is there a check I can use online to validate the W3css code ? Ive got four or so other sides that follow the same format as im using now & they display correctly. ALSO - If the (visible) 'header' part is using W3 correctly, but there are problems below, should the top be displayed correctly ? or is the whole thing broken. ? Edit: http://newtib.kwister.com/login
  7. Thanks. Is there any documentation on this ? (it works). Ive figured out the 1.6s number is speed, higher the number the slower it goes.... EDIT: Found it - https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_animation.asp
  8. EDIT: How do i NOTIIFY ME OF REPLIES - after i post something ? (i found out now -that i can do this if i reply to my own message). but theres no option to do this on an existing post. (I posted the above message without ticking the box).
  9. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_animate.asp Hello. I am interested in starting a page with animations (left / or right). Question 1: is there a way to SLOOW it down a bit ? The examples shown on the above site are very fast, and I would like the items to move at a slower pace, about 1/2 the speed. Question 2: I'm thinking of combining the left or right animation with slideshow, and with various content - cards, text, etc. I think it is possible to combine the content. But i'm just trying to figure out how to slow it own first.. (otherwise I wont want the animation).
  10. i did the 2 x feedback limes to compensate for the fact the 1st one didnt show up enough. - Removed the onload command. But its still loading the settimeout twice.. However i cant see how. Can you advise where i should move the timeout command so it only runs one time. I'll fix it when i return home
  11. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_slideshow.asp Hello. Im following the examples in the above slideshow. However Ive got a slight problem. <div class="mySlides w3-container"><a href="/todo#feedback" class="w3-bar-item w3-button w3-mobile">Feedback</a></div> <div class="mySlides w3-container"><a href="/todo#feedback" class="w3-bar-item w3-button w3-mobile">Contact us</a></div> <div class="mySlides w3-container"><a href="/todo#feedback" class="w3-bar-item w3-button w3-mobile">Feedback</a></div> I had only 2 lines, however Nothing worked - it didnt do anything. so i added the BODY ONLOAD command - (not shown in your example). next problem, is that it showed "feedback" VERY QUICKLY, and then "Contact us" for several seconds. Then it BRIEFLY (in a flash) showed FEEDBACK - and then Contact us for a few seconds. So i copied the FEEDBACK line in again. But stil same problem - it VERY BRIEFLY shows a lime, & then several seconds of the next phrase. Can anyone assist with this problem ? Problem website: http://foe.kwister.com
  12. NEVER MIND - Please ignore. I accidentally put my mobile phone on "desktop" mode - to view the desktop version of website Sorry. (now doing the float right div thing)
  13. Hello. Im converting an old site into w3css & removing excess code etc. I have a few issues regarding the w3-hide-small option. 1) Ive got the top display showing my logo, title & the time.. On my main PC it is going ok, However ive added the w3-hide-small command on my logo. But when i look in my mobile phone - the width is too wide & its not adjusting to the small screen. It also STILL shows my logo even though ive advised it to HIDE on a small screen. QUERIES: does the hide command ONLY work in a container ? Ive tried it in a ROW with the GRID option however the hide command does not appear to be working, QUERY: is there a way to use containers - but within the grid style ? or hide the logo on small screens & adjust the size of theother 2 columns ? TINY Query. Is there a way to display ONE big container at the top - & have the time in a samller div (floating top-right), and the image/logo on the top left - the main title will flow around the other divs... (some titles are a bit long & look silly squashed in the middle). Example site: http://foe-new.kwister.com/decoration EDIT: i have the viewport command in the header - but this does not seem to have an effect (what i see on other pages ive done - other subdomain)
  14. Thank you. Yes - i remember now - during the validation check, (today) I only had <script> - But nothing after.. I googled & found type="javascript" so added that in, & validated & moved onto another thing to check. i didnt notice it not working till after. It now works...
  15. Hello. I'm upgrading an old site - & created a new subdomain & copying all the code slowly - upgrading to W3CSS & validating the code.. Anyway, On the left menu, There is a side-menu. I can click on it & it disapears / re-appears. It was working up until a few days ago. But i continued upgrading it today & noticed that it no longer opens/closes. Ive double-checked & the javascript names are there - it looks OK. ive checked the full HTML & can see no duplicate ID's (2 ID's using the same name etc..) so everything looks OK. However it does not work. can anyone assist me in finding out what is wrong ? PS Ive sone a validation check on a few pages & they do validate. This is a simple page (less HTML code) - http://foe-new.kwister.com/acronym Thank you EDIT: I was not editing / upgrading the side-bar today - I was transferring other files. I do not know why the sidebar does not open/close.
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