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  1. Yes I agreed. It'll be better if they can add dark mode theme onto their site as sometime starring at the white background for too long can hurt my eyes.
  2. It'll be nice if W3Schools add some frameworks for PHP, NodeJS, Python, etc.. Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Symfony for PHP will be good! 🙂
  3. Are W3Schools plan to add any PHP coding examples onto the How To section like working login forms, database, etc?..
  4. W3Schools should add WordPress development onto their site so people can learn about it.
  5. I think it'll be better if they were to add more JavaScript code examples onto the HOW TO page so beginners can understand more on JS.
  6. I think W3Schools should add Wordpress development (theme and plugins) on here and also other libraries and framework with more programming languages with latest versions. It'll improve so much more in my opinion.
  7. W3Schools so far so good but still not a lot of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. They definitely need to add JavaScript framework Vue.js and Redux for React. I think they need to also update AngularJS framework too and add some back-end framework for PHP, Python, C#, etc..
  8. Forgot to mention that you guys should add jQuery onto the HOW TO page too!
  9. Animation and anything that have to do with JavaScript.. Just so us new developer can understand more on JS how they really work.
  10. W3Schools should add more JavaScript code examples onto the HOW TO page.
  11. I think W3Schools should add some server-side languages and show some examples onto the How-To page. Like for example, PHP 7 and Node.JS.. Showing examples of shopping cart, sign-up/login forms, contact form, etc.. should be very useful.
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