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  1. hey scientist, i had many questions to ask you my friend as i have seen you are one of the most active members on this forum and one of the most knowledgeable ones .. i hope you don't mind my request but I'd really want to take some of your time on any instant messaging application, i hope you don't find this annoying but i juts need to have a bit of chit chat with you about web programming/designing subjects my friend :)

    1. thescientist


      sure. want to PM me with what chat methods work best for you (I have AIM, gtalk, skype) and we can take it from there? I have a some time tonight, but I'll be preoccupied for the rest of the weekend.

    2. Khushi G.C.

      Khushi G.C.

      i also need your help friend pls help me

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