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  1. could it be related to your firefox's cache? Perhaps firefox is refreshing the page only under certain circumstances (i.e. every N loads of the page)
  2. Remember the Microsoft mantra: "Conform. Extend. Copyright. Conform. Extend. Copyright." This way they make everyone else dance to thier superior marketshare dance. You can see it whenever you read "IE is the only one that (does)/(does not) do this!"That is why I code my pages for mozilla.
  3. You may want to consider using <span></span> instead of <div></div> tags. Most browsers will give you extra whitespace (and newlines. *grumble*) around DIV tags, while they don't around SPAN tags...
  4. The above-mentioned program is probably a screen-scraper.But I agree with the idea of a tutorial download ability. Through subscription might be a good idea (less adverts that way, eh?) But I see the need because I like to keep my documentation on our local servers for quicker access and because we can't get to the internet all the time.
  5. I had noticed that there appears to be an attempted treatment of PHP here. Perhaps it might be a good Idea to attempt a similar treatment of Perl.Yes, I understand that you could theoretically use any language to serve dynamic web pages (even BASH). Once you put your foot in the door with PHP and ASP you might as well attempt to address the other (arguably) popular backends.
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