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  1. wow, you're pretty energetic right now aren't you?I'm not a trekky, but I used to be a big sci-fi fan....actually I just watched a lot of stargate, but that counts don't it? THe trailer though doesn't look all star trek like. I really want to watch all the action looked awesome I couldn't tell what it was a first. Also yay Star wars, but boo Smallville. It is such a soap opera now....with the best drama and plot (but that's beside the point!) ugh, I want to not like smallville but I do. Anywaaays *silcence*I didn't take a close look at the code. But the frame that popped up in the browser is
  2. You are really good at drawing realistic portraits, and even with all the angles and some distortion. LIke your latest update jacksl. "Girl Portrait" is my favorite, I'll have to comment on that once I have the time.hehe, I mentioned that to my tour guide at Open House and she referred to me as a brave soul. I understand it being hard, it's just the people who can understand numbers and not letter than just amaze me. Like many people I know math is another language which I'll never comprehend.I'd be glad to proofread every now and then. *nod*oooo, okay got it now dan :)maaaybe I'll edit it so
  3. 'Sup Lucas and Ben @Lucas: dude you're tall! Glad you're not growing anymore it wouldn't be healthy.lol, I like your sense of humor :)I'm going to college next fall. Graphic Design is a hobby of mine, but I'm majoring in English. If you got a DA account or anything I'd love to see some of your stuff.heh, so is everyone else in West Virginia a Hillybilly? :)I"m in North Carolina no so far from you.EDIT: saw your thread and took a look. Now I'll get to look at your art yay =)Is Jeremy your real name? Anyways I don't thknk that matters I try to hide my real identity as well. (b/c I was raised to
  4. Trotun

    Reporting Error

    Ah there yah go! Looks like you did your research good job (not even sure if research is the word to use....but whatev I learned something new from you)
  5. I first found w3's tutorial for html about 3 years ago in my sophomore year of highschool. I was planning ahead for my junior project. Anyways i didn't discover this place until this year when working on my senior project. I thought this place seemed pretty cool so decided I'll stick around even though my project took a much different turn than when I first came.That's it in a nut shell. I can really talk a lot. (or more accurately type a lot.)
  6. Trotun


    hrm, weird that never worked before. I ended up going to a blank page last time. Didn't find anything when I checked source. Meh, I probably made some silly mistake. :)Thanks Scientist
  7. Trotun

    Reporting Error

    I had no problems with either buttons. I could edit and view the text.I dunno about the first error. There might've been a mistake in the page's code.The second screenshot still may be because of an error in the code. But just in case check again. It might be alright for you now. If not I think maybe your browser might be out of date.
  8. Trotun


    Yep, what everyone else says....and to re-ask a question of Nago's: Most people only look at html to study stuff. One thing that's always fun is I would like to know how someone designed a page but I discover code that links out to a css style sheet or some javascrip, etc. If I could I'd love to see the style sheet used.So if you're just trying to hide how you designed the web page's looks you could shoot for that. Dunno why you would but whatever suit ya. =)
  9. Already on the fast track to getting better than me Alien? ;]I've never heard someone say what Ingolme has said about tables before. I can definately understand it being bad practice, because I often run into layout problems using tables. I'll have to look into CSS....if I can squeeze the time *sigh* dumb senior project. >>Oh Alien! Graphics are my forte....not drawing but creating graphics I am good at if I know what I want. I don't know what you page looks like though (if you haven't created an even more amazing graphic already). I'm gonna assume you have the same glossy theme going f
  10. Hey Alien I don't really want to publicize my email so could you edit 2 of your post where you've quoted me?lol, sorry about the doughnut craving!
  11. I hope being 2 days late isn't bad...Well a common problem often run into is tables. They are one of the best tools to use for layouts, but you got to be careful how to set them up you'll be editing and checking code for a whole hour. I found that a good way to solve a problem you can't fix in a few short minutes is to have a friend who also knows html. sometimes they spot things you missed.hehe, so yeah that's really just broad. Most problem I encounter are table and color conflicting with text and how I want the layout to work.
  12. @Alien: I've never touched front page before. Do they let you edit html code yourself? just curious.===I prefer dreamweaver using the MX style menu. My uncle likes the old style. Where everything was basically a separte window. ugh, too much hassle for me.The only other program I've tried is NVU. It's definately not bad for beginners. But I found it a little frustrating to use 'cause I wanted to do a certain thing but couldn't find it. xp Also I couldn't see code and normal view at the same time. But nonetheless I say it's pretty good.I'll have to look at the other programs in the list. *nods*
  13. Welcome Alien! :)err...I dunno about the PM. I'd say be careful about them because I got an email from someone with the username beginning with an m. THey said they needed help so I clicked the link was redirected to porn site. I didn't have a happy expression, I pity the person.hrm, I just just checked. Doesn't look like I can use PMs either....Sounds like me and you are at about the same skill level. :)What I'd do is find something to design. The best way to learn html is hands on. Actually I think I may have something for you. And since I can't send it via PM I'll give you my email. Once yo
  14. I found this link: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibra...s-drop-shadows/Hope it works =] (and the answer you were looking for...)
  15. I'm not so sure about dividing your syllabus that way. First you want to know some HTML, then move to learning how to use HTML in dreamweaver. This will be where you can learn how to use the program. Next take a few tutorials on some basics in using photoshop, and fireworks.This is where you'll assign yourself a project to test how well you can design a webpage using only HTML and graphics knowledge. The page will be very basic and static. But your goal is to make is navigable, cool looking, easy to load, and have relevant content that a viewer would want. Remember to check out it looks on the
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