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    My Site!!!

    hmmm not sure what the website is about. I'm guessing games or something. Why do you have a black background with black text on it on the home page. There is also ASP written on the home page in black. The search doesn't work. No DTD in your head section. no xhtml. I'd say look into changing your code to xhtml. It should be clear what your site is about.
  2. vchris

    DB Design help

    I'm trying to create this query to delete a category (update the delete flag) which involves updating a flag field in the category table and all the product with this category. This means 4 tables needs to be updated. My database design is in post #4. I realise Skemcin is probably the best person to answer this question.Here is my attempt: $deleteCat = "UPDATE oe_product prd, oe_product_attribute pra, oe_product_category prc, oe_product_media prm, oe_product_x_category pxcSET prd.prd_delete_flag = 1, prc.cat_delete_flag = 1, pra.pra_delete_flag = 1, prm.prm_delete_flag = 1WHERE pxc.pxc_cat_id = ".$_SESSION['cat_id']."AND prd.prd_id = pxc.pxc_prd_idAND pra.pra_prd_id = pxc.pxc_prd_idAND prm.prm_prd_id = pxc.pxc_prd_idAND prc.cat_id = pxc.pxc_cat_id";
  3. vchris

    my site

    Yeah I'm guessing it's some kind of portfolio. Nice and simple. CSS and HTML validates. Noticed the footer is not centered in Firefox.
  4. vchris

    my first site

    For someone that's only working with html, css and javascript for 3 month, this is some very nice work!You used divs for your page structure. Not the greatest site I've seen but it works (things are where they should be). Some things I think could be fixed/changed: remove frames (they cause problem more than anything), your body background is making the text a bit hard to read. Seems like this is a site about your 4wd truck maybe have the banner be your truck doing something 4wd (going over rock, mountain, jumping lol...). Make the navigation a bit more complex than just text with white background. Left navigation is great, it's clear and colours are nice.
  5. My eyes!!! They are broken! Just kidding :)wow the blue background is dangerous maybe tone it down a little. Why use frames? They can be buggy in some browsers. Your left navigation is kinda hard to read (black on black gradient). The center page looks like you just took a bunch of graphics from sites and pasted them there... Your useful links could be on a page of their own.
  6. Good work but there's a couple things I think could be better/fixed. Your HTML does not validate. There is 17 errors found. CSS validates. Nice div design. Your top navigation is a bit hard to see for me so imagine older people... I'd increase the contrast for your top nav. Your CNN.com news seems like it's an included tool. Maybe you don't have the knowledge but you could use an rss feed and php, asp or coldfusion to integrate the cnn news in your site. In your content area the blue text is kinda hard to read on the dark gray background.I'd say mainly you need to work on your text and background contrast. If this is improved your site will be much better.
  7. I just use <a href="#">Top</a> and no matching anchor. Works fine.
  8. vchris

    DB Design help

    everything is going pretty smoothly. I had a question. Since this site will have both Canadian and US currency, how can I keep up to date with the current exchange rate? Is there a feed somewhere?What would be the best way to get this working properly?
  9. vchris

    DB Design help

    I'll also need a users table for the admins to access the admin control panel.
  10. vchris

    IE and Firefox CSS

    I know there's the conditional comments but I have always used 1 stylesheet for all browsers, I just find a way to make it all work. To me it's just that much cleaner.
  11. Duplicatehttp://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=18113
  12. ah very nice but isn't this a template from somewhere? I think I remember seeing it somewhere...
  13. Don't they shoot the best car show on tv, Top Gear, over there? It might be outside London... Is this their off season?
  14. So I just got my Illustrator CS3 today and at first glance it seems pretty similar to Photoshop CS3 but when you start using it it's completely different. The blending options aren't on the layer anymore they're on their own on the side and it's a bit confusing to me. Everything is so small. With photoshop there was so many options for a gradient but with this it seems like there's none except for the colours and angle. Even then the place to select your colour is really small. I noticed that if I insert or create something I can modify any part of it easily because they're vector images. I'll keep working with it maybe follow some tutorials because it's always hard at first with these editors.
  15. vchris

    DB Design help

    it's a little more complex than I first thought but I'm trying to understand your database structure. I just wanna clear a couple more things so I implement your tables.Is it missing cat_id in the product table?What is the use of the Customer to Address (cxa_customer_x_address) table, the association of a customer to his address could be done with a id field in the customer and address table.Why would I need 2 emails in the customer table?I wouldn't need the global fields in the cxa_customer_x_address table right?
  16. vchris

    DB Design help

    Ah much clearer but would you really need those global fields in all tables?
  17. vchris

    DB Design help

    It's a bit confusing, so many tables and fields compared to what I came up with but I understand how it would be easier to work with. Here are some questions I have:What does oe stand for in the table name?How would prm_media be used? What is the use of cat_code?How would ord_cst_ID be used?How are the global fields used?Thanks, I appreciate the time you're putting into this.
  18. vchris

    DB Design help

    So if the customer has chosen product 1 and 2 and the second one has a quantity of 3 the database will look like this:Orders table:ord_id, 1cust_id, 1Orderproducts table:ordprod_id, 1ord_id, 1prod_id, 1ord_quantity, 1ordprod_id, 2ord_id, 1prod_id, 2ord_quantity, 3Right?
  19. ah there was a version of IE6 that someone posted on this forum that you could just run (no installation required) at the same time as IE7 but only on XP. I tried on Vista and it won't work. Now we just have to find that post somewhere.edit: I googled and found thishttp://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/1188/ie7_use_ie6_ie7_together
  20. vchris

    DB Design help

    I'm starting a new project. Creating my first ecommerce site for a client. The billing will be handle by another website. I have to hold some of the customer info, products, categories and orders. Here is my DB design. IPD database Products table:prod_idcat_idprod_nameprod_descriptionprod_priceprod_colourprod_imgprod_delprod_special Categories table:cat_idcat_name Customers table:cust_idcust_fnamecust_lnamecust_emailcust_phonecust_addresscust_citycust_zipcodecust_countrycust_paymethod Orders table:ord_idcust_idprod_idord_quantity So let's say customer 1 orders product 1, orders table will look like this:1, 1, 1, 1Now what if he orders 2 or 3 items with different quantity for each? Should it be a different order for each product or is there a better way to handle this?
  21. Thanks for all your help buddy
  22. I deal with accents all the time since I work in a bilingual environment. I use dreamweavers design mode when pasting text to convert all accents. I also use Macromedia Homesite 5, there is a function to replace all extended characters.
  23. I just went on there right now and I can install phpbb3... I get directly to the install page. Not good. No worries, I didn't do anything.
  24. I'm surprised no one answered your topic.I like your navigation bar, nice contrast and it goes with your dark footer. I'm just not sure about your text colour in your content area (orange) on your gray, maybe a dark blue gray. Why not have the banner background gradient the same as your header gradient so we don't see the outline of your banner. Maybe do the same for the content area, remove the solid gray colour.Ah je viens de me rendre compte que tu es français! Sous ton menu "produits et services" tu pourrais avoir le drop down menu en noir avec un opacité réduite. Je trouve que c'est juste trop gros et fonçé quand il est ouvert. A part de ca le code source à l'aire beau, ta navigation et ta structure est faite en css et xhtml. Nice job!
  25. I'm done with the app! They're just gonna review it. I might have to add or change a couple things here and there but the hard work is done.I'm pretty happy about it.
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