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  1. px 's useful for showing on monitor.pt 's useful for printing.px 's not influential in printing it's only for monitor
  2. It mean do nothing define in href="..." when click link but do the other function such as javascript when onclick.It's useful when using event such as onclick.
  3. Have a careful looking and creating step by step.I think you maybe miss something.
  4. I think you can use method search in php.
  5. keep them to your private_folder.and use .htaccess to make private_folder private.
  6. ballack999


    maybe thisheader("Location:http://www.abc.com");
  7. I believe YOS is a great tool now and future.
  8. I think web hosting is so cheap nowaday.
  9. I think CSS is better and faster.BTW you can use AJAX.
  10. javascript is client side, but php is server side.You can send session to javascript easily by using php tag and echo in javascript such as var session=<?php echo $_SESSION['xxx']; ?>; .
  11. I think php library such as simplexml, xmlparser, etc. can help you.
  12. When is CSS3 will be use in all browser?
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