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    I think its called Multi Player Role Playing Game, where 2 ppl act as characters defined in the game and fight each other.
  2. Its been a tiring day. After posting the log files on techguy forums, the guyz out there helped to remove some unknown programs. But even after removing those files, the site got hacked again. The only thing I dont understand is why only 1 site is getting hacked, I access 5 different hosting servers and several logins through the browsers, but only and only 1 site is attacked. can it be like they have set a specific keylogger on the laptop to give info only about 1 server login info. One more interesting thing is only index files get hacked, does this mean its a bot?But the thing is if he gets
  3. yeah sure, sending u details via PM.Maybe some WEB_INF file permissions are not correct, or maybe some things in cpanel (redirection etc), I really dont have any idea. Any help would be gr8. And like they say, only doctors can know the problem with just a simple look. you all are pros..so might catch something.No scripts are being installed, codes are injected into pages or somtimes entire page is deleted and links to their site is placed and other undesirable content is also placed.I dont have any database connection as of now (had long back when oscommerce was there). For now I m taking the
  4. It might be that there is a keystroke on my computer (but AVG didnt detect any). Cuz only the index files are hacked. Today i Uploaded index and contact files, from them only the index has been hacked till now (this was the trend till date) and also I have many folders but only 1 has index files ( a sub-folder) and that has also been hacked. Does this mean its a bot and done via my laptop ?I think I will re-format my computer (though its a pain having to re-install around 40 sofwares again and then customizing it)But Anyway it has to be done.I don't have any idea about the latest updates from
  5. no, its a personal computer.@skemcinI dont think my site is getting hacked due to anything on my pc, cuz I access a dozen other sites so why would only 1 be targeted. And I also have AVG and Sygate for protection. I will look into that another host thing, but how will I be able to host a site on an IP only hosting account.
  6. yes, I have changed the pass each time, I removed anything suspicious. it has been changed around 7-9 times.
  7. virtualadz

    Please Help

    I am in deep deep trouble again. The site I uploaded just got hacked! withinminutes. Don't know how is happening.Let me brief out the histroy first.I had an oscommerce store when all this began. It was not updated to latest and gothacked. Since then I have removed every script relating to it and itsdatabase, downloaded all files on server to scan for virus (none found)and did everything to prevent the hacking. But then when I had a removedeverything, and only had index.html it still got hacked!This continued for about days and each time I would remove injected codesit would get hacked again (1
  8. @vhrisI left some space there so it doesn't look all jumbled up. Maybe I should add a background colour to it ?I had the red boxes round at first, but then that would take a lot of load time. so instead made all the red bars (left navigation, 4 content boxes and footer) as rectangles. So only a small part of it could be used through CSS which will reduce the load time in return.@pulpfictionI made the logo colour blue, so it looks somewhat different, else the site bcums just a 1 or 2 colour stand. Or does it not match with the rest of the colour scheme, if yes can You suggest some matching colo
  9. Just a few days back my site go hacked & all types iframe codes and rubbish content was injected into it. I had no idea of anything as such until I received a Malware warning from Google. I have taken down the site off for now and am doing a complete re-design (thanks to the hacker I finished the design within hrs which was pending for weeks ).Please do let me know of your suggestions to make it look better.Thanks for your help! Link to image
  10. Sorry guys...my site got hacked and had to take it down completely and so couldn't reply. I will check out the ways you suggested and post the results tomorrow. thanks
  11. @dcole.ath.cxI received it for free, pre-installed with the pc, double-checked the items but no support documents found. Moreover I tried what you pointed out: Desktop (in the taskbar) > System Settings > Network and then edited the connection under the devices tab. filled in the details for the LAN connection. but when I checked with FF, it couldnt open the url.
  12. Does any1 know how to make a new internet connection in linux. Been googling for seconds now (cant stick with linux more than that) but its all too confusing. Is there any wizard or sort of functionality. I have redhat fedora linux.btw: i havent bought the lunix os, got it free with along with a pc :)Thanks
  13. thank you for ur reply. Instead of a converter, I just used the VLC media player.....n could resize the flv file to fit the whole screen!
  14. i have an flv video file which I want to convert to either mpeg, avi or any other wmp supported format. Is there any free software that does it ? I have found only one (that is Moyea) but it costs much for my one time use. Basically, what I want is to have the video on the full screen (which the flv player doesnt allow) but after converting it to either mpeg or avi, it will be possible to have the video playing on the whole of the screen.Thank u.
  15. virtualadz


    I have a count down timer in Roman Numerals which has currently the days, hrs, mins, n secs in different boxes I would like to club the counter digits all together, but have run out of ideas to do so.Though in the simple numbers counter (23:09:23:43), I have it clubbed together: var counter:String = days + " " + hrs + " " + min + " " + sec; time_txt.text = counter; whereas the roman version has days_txt.text = convertToRoman(days); hours_txt.text = convertToRoman(hrs); mins_txt.text = convertToRoman(min); secs_txt.text = convertToRoman(sec); I just want to make the roman version of the cou
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