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  1. LittleNicky

    Php document?

    As far as I'm aware1. Yes2. It depends on the page. For example an index page will need it to appear somewhere if your output from the php is html.
  2. I would read it! In fact I did!Check out TutorialI felt this was very basic. It requires you to work a few things out, which was very frustrating! But now I've worked thorugh it and I understand it all and have changed and expanded it.By the way is it worth using more random variable names like using colors etc just to prevent hackers?
  3. Ok check out my page My Webpagein FF and IE. Any ideas?
  4. Ok so what I want to do is show 8 rows from a table, the 8 rows will be chosen by the most recent dates. How do I do this?
  5. Mate. I doubt I could help. I just thought I'd say if you want people's help try making it easy to read!I hope it goes well anyway.
  6. Ok this should be an easy one.How do I set a field in a form as required?
  7. LittleNicky


    Mate, I get where you're coming from, but I tried that and phpBB is far to complicated to pick up and modify for a beginner. I'm a beginner, I tried it and it almost put me off php as I got too overwhelmed.Good to hear that people are willing to help! I'm currently in the process of building my first php site. I have a half decent blog page set up, with a login and admin section. The user profile is next, then the photo gallery, then I might consider the forum. I've got that addicted that I'm thinking about it all day at work. Wish I had more time to dedicate to it. :-(
  8. OK cool, so would the code be header(Location: $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']); ?
  9. So what would you put if you wanted to redirect to the page you were on before you logged in?
  10. How do stop headers from having a line break after the txt? Also what's the best way to reduce the gap below them?
  11. How do I set the date & time (in one field) automatically as the current date & time when I'm inserting into a field? Also what should I have the field set as in the mySQL database?
  12. LittleNicky

    Menus using divs

    Ok so I've finally admitted divs seem to be the way forward where data is not stored.So whats the best way to create a menu using divs? A menu that has each link on top of each other but nicely spaced. Each menu item background must be the same length!
  13. It does look like what I want. I'm having trouble implementing it tho.At what point might I use the function? I assume I have to apply it to the input of the textarea, but how?
  14. LittleNicky


    Ok so would this work:SELECT * mytable WHERE firstname + " " + lastname= '{$fullname}'if $fullname equals 'firstname lastname'
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