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  1. Just want to cover all bases... though i know content is important... content alone imo does not get you a higher ranking...
  2. This is what i get so far: whisky shop = 253,000 malt whisky = 1,680,000 jack daniels gifts = 1,280,000 single malt = 1,540,000 jack daniels merchandise = 1,940,000 jack daniels shop = 14,300,000 single malt scotch = 1,540,000 scotch whiskey = 403,000 From what i can see scotch whiskey and whisky shop are the only promising keywords from the ones i selected no? am i on the right track? The others are over 1,000,000 on google.
  3. This is what I came up with so far using Google's keyword tool excluding generic words like "whiskey" by itself. Am i on the right track? the numbers next to them are the global monthly searches for those terms etc. : whisky shop 8100 malt whisky 3600 jack daniels gifts 2400 single malt 9900jack daniels merchandise 2900 jack daniels shop 2900 single malt scotch 8100 scotch whiskey 5400
  4. I'm currently building a mini site for whiskey as I learn HTML. I need to do keyword research for the meta tag. Any suggestions on how to do an effective & easy research? your replies are appreciated.. thanks..
  5. any scripts that are accepted by all browsers except IE? Can two scripts be written into the code. One for IE and one for all other browsers? ...
  6. thank you Holmed... I guess there seems to not be any universal script that is accepted by all browsers...
  7. ahh i wasn't showing him attitude... perhaps you should of asked me what was going on before making a assumption.. he had PM'd me to continue with that arguement we had earlier in the book thread... i replied to him to get over it and move on and i blocked him from PM... and I thought Mod's were suppose to be neutral and impartial... so other then this post i just wrote (and can't really blame me for showing attitude now since I want to forget that argument and just move on but yet both him and now you keep bringing it up) where did i show one ounce of attitude on this thread i created? i have
  8. nope.. just don't like being harrassed.. btw thank you for replying to this post that has to do with the title of the thread... as i've said the bookmark scripts aren't working for me and holmedwa... so do not know what is wrong with it.....
  9. It's just weird that it works for other people and some people it don't... I can't be doing anything wrong because I cut and paste it into the HTML document in the HEAD and BODY tags...
  10. I like it.. especially the graphics.. but perhaps make the links into buttons.. something fun and colorful like the rest of the site? ...
  11. I had dropped the matter you didn't so I'm sure you are breaking some forum rules... I meant you do not know their forums.. about you i don't care to know anything about.. i'm here to learn about web design not people personallyNot one and I do mean not one Particular forum where i hanged out at that hackers hang out offer any such challenges to break into a computer system... the ones i was a member of clearly stated in their forum rules that any illegal activity will be deleted and/or reported... as such it is not the fault of the community because we all have free will and should know right
  12. this is another script someone else gave me but doesnt work also... In <head>:<script type="text/javascript">/************************************************ Bookmark site script- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (www.dynamicdrive.com)* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use* Visit Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ for full source code***********************************************/function bookmarksite(title, url){if (document.all)window.external.AddFavorite(url, title);else if (window.sidebar)window.sidebar.addPanel(title, url, "")}</script>In Body: <a
  13. I had let it go... and i did that so this would not get confrontational but you had to reply to my post and make it confrontational... before you make a opinion about something you know nothing about ... visit some of the forums where they post... they self police themselves on those forums and delete anything illegal like they do on this forum... Btw so you get it right... websites do not break into websites or computer systems... individuals do.. websites do not have a mind of their own... and I didn't know this site was invaded but thats beside the point... it was a individual not a site th
  14. Ok..so i tried the script hypergurl suggested and it's not working... IE says: Page cannot be displayed. so something is wrong with the script or it doesn't work in IE. Only works for other browsers. Doesn't seem to work in Netscape neither. Any ideas? Perhaps there is a error in the script somewhere.
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