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  1. i'm a bit curious, can anyone explain the javascript used to fix the png transparency issue with ie6? i'd like my new site design to be as compatible as possible.
  2. thank you so much, i'll work with that!
  3. So I have a program that I am going to give out on my site, but I know like a handfull of users are going to actually go back to my site to check for an upgrade, so I want to create a notification in the backend to say if its up to date or if a newer version is available.what would be the best method to accomplish this?
  4. Yeah, she wanted something similar to my site with a different layout and different content but she liked the style of my site. But that site is more of a personal blog type thingy, my site is more based on what my friends and I do in terms of content.Thanks for checking them out tho!
  5. Site Name: fill_in_the_blanksSite Description: Personal siteSite Owner/Developer: My sisters friend Hemis is the owner, I am the developerSite Address: http://www.fillintheblanks.roxr.com/index2.php [temporary]Extra Comments: It's in development, the links don't work and the news posts will show up when the first post has been made, so it's very basic right now but the design is all there for the most part.
  6. nice planet layout vchris, pretty cool
  7. Site Name: Oneity-Eight.ThreeSite Description: A small site for my friends and I to show off our flashtoons and whatever else we come up with.Site Owner/Developer: Me, Calvin MurphySite Address: http://www.oneity-eight.roxr.comExtra Comments: The site honestly doesnt have a real purpose or demand, it's more so just a hobby of mine and a place for a few kids to have fun with. Our flashtoons aren't the best but we have fun with them.
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