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  1. Site Name: Alluring MediaSite Description: Hub for my freelance work aside from photographySite Address: http://alluringmedia.netI'm aware of the amount of purple: it's for branding purposes. Re-size your browser, I'm using 4 style sheets for different devices. Thank you in advance for any bugs you can find!
  2. The fact that it looks "simple" is actually a good thing. No one wants to navigate this. That's a bit extreme but it illustrates the difference between your site and the "throw-up" sites that have been thrown up from horrible template / DIY quick sites. Did you use a CMS? There's no shame in it IMO. Like your favicon - simple, colorful and sharp. My addition would be a very subtle (I say subtle because a huge change would be bad) way to separate the divs or what ever is used to space out the articles on the main page. Also, give me your "allenlawson.net" banner and let me tweak your aliasing in the font. You have my info on Google+ It looks good over all. You'll do fine with it as is but finish up (or suspend navigation [hide it until later]) the content and you'll have a really good polished site. Good work.-Graham
  3. Alluring

    Site Down

    Just reporting that the site was down this morning at 3:45 am EST Feb 7, 2012
  4. It depends on the scope of your project Gallery. Well, that's what I would tell a client at least. What functions will the site perform? Will it need a shopping cart in the future (be careful about that question because people always change their mind about it). UX should be a given in all sites as we strive to make our work look better than the next guys. I like the fact that you aren't publishing until it's finished. That's a good practice.I'll use my next project as mirror/advice for you I guess. I'm going to set up my client with a CMS. I'm going to give her a quote of around 350 up front and I won't go under that number because I know that most "projects" actually turn out to be "all-out giant sized big business masterpieces" and that's all that the client wants. They have some sort of idea in their mind that they're going to get the coolest flash web site that they saw the competition using (never show them 2advanced.com - big mistake). I'll go pick up an easy template in one of the CMS's and look at the CSS/PHP and customize it. When it's done and she doesn't like it, I'll have to spend even more time making it more awesome then it already is. Then I collect the 2nd half of my 350.Hope that helps in some weird way. : )
  5. Alluring

    Flash Tutorial

    All imported jpegs should be 72 rez. Please, please, please don't make the mistake of importing a higher rez image. Also, the jpegs you do import can be further downsized by double-clicking them in the library. The Bitmap Properties window allows you to adjust the quality (uncheck the "Use imported jpeg data") and using the "test" button on the right hand side. Down size movies before using them in Flash. Check your actionscript. Hope this leads people in the right direction. I've had a lot of headaches with images that don't belong in Flash so I hope you don't also.
  6. DDs1, here is some helpful scripting for AS3: btn_8.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, nav_8); function nav_8(event:MouseEvent):void {navigateToURL(new URLRequest("REPLACETHISWITHYOURURL"), "_self");trace("should work . . . ");} You can remove the second statement (trace("this should work ...") After putting this code on it's own layer, you must select the object (your button) and rename the instance name "btn_8" or it will not work. Well that and replacing the text with the URL you would like to navigate to. (REPLACETHISWITHYOURURL) It's much more involved than 2.0 so Ingolme's advice is good and if you're new, you should go with that instead. 3.0 is pretty hard to get used to even if you're really good with 2.0.
  7. Alluring

    Terms of Use

    I would echo ShadowMage's advice. Contact Google and lay out exactly what you plan to do because their policy might be geared towards stopping people from tracking others (government, private tracking companies, etc). If your client is a University or public school, you may have a good shot at getting a positive response.Only one way to find out though.
  8. Hope I can help with this but you may need to post this in the PHP section of the forums. Do you have a link you can send? I'd really need to look at what you have so far in order to give advice.
  9. This sounds like an instance issue. When you edit text that is an instance of another object it will edit the original. For example: If I had an object named "triangle_MOV" and I drag it onto the stage, it is an instance of the original object "triangle_MOV"Double clicking it will open up the object editor. My advice is to keep all of your text separated on a different layer. Also, animated objects that are tweened also should be on their own layers. I'd really have to get a look at the source file for better help. Hope this clears it up a bit. -Graham
  10. Alluring

    Comic Relief

    Sharing with others. Thank you for posting!
  11. Ok, well then I disagree with your disagreement. Let's get this blow by blow. I will enact a fictional scenario using a person seeking information/solutions (#N) and 2 helpers (H1 + H2): #N: Hi all! Glad I'm here in the chat room. I'm kicking it and drinkin some Dew! What's up yo?!?H1: What can I help you with #N? #N: Hey there H1! How are things going? I'm running into some issues with some server side scripting. I'm getting some error messages with PHP. Can you help me out? H2: I'm pretty sure we can. Did you look over the tutorials? #N: Woah, there are two people helping me! This is so wild!! ... #N: Yeah, so I've got this project and I want to write new data to a database with PHP. I'm getting some errors H1: We've already established that #N. What is the error message. Also, you didn't answer H2's answer. Please be more specific. H2: I have to go microwave a hot pocket. #N: Ok, ok, H1, calm down, I was getting to it. So I have this problem And I'll stop right there because it's already 3 people turning something that can be handled properly on a topic/forum into a nightmare. It's easy to ask a question with vague details and then things get worse when there aren't any links or someone doesn't check the W3schools site all together. Unfortunately it eats up time that can be used in a more efficient way.Sorry if this is a little heavy. I'm not trying to come across cocky or arrogant (although it doesn't 'read' well). I'm just trying to better illustrate what "could" happen, and probably will. -Graham
  12. Major improvements. Good job on the edits. Thanks for the share. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  13. Bill Cosby on one page and Hitler on the other.I think you need to go back to the planning phase. Sorry about the bad news.
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