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  1. LOL!This just made my day. Thanks for the mental picture : D -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  2. Ok HTML 5 can not happen quick enough. I'm done waiting for videos. I'm aware of the set backs from multiple users viewing a video on a server but I just can't stand watching that (@!#!*$^!) wheel turn any longer. Is H.264 even the answer?
  3. Padding. Um, first: You have an "Android and iPhone" site. If you'd like it to look really good on either of those platforms; research "Responsive Web Design." Second: Padding. Obviously I'm stressing this for a reason. : D Ok, another thing that might help the over all "look" is a color palette scheme. You are using dark grays and that is fine. So why have bright adds? I'm not too savy with Google's Adsense but my suggestion is to wrap those ads in some sort of gray tone or even a color that matches the green text at the top. Cool looking game! What did you use to develop it? -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  4. Great site Jimfog! Seriously, if this is your second attempt you should be pretty damn proud. Keep up the good work. From a designers perspective you use repetition in your graphics. That's a good thing. It keeps the look consistent. The content, which I can't read, seems to go along with the Flash (JavaScript?) interactive widget on the left. That's awesome because a viewer will read and then actually use the Flash. I did at least. The navigation is something that's easily worked out. I think it might be accomplished by adding a negative value to either the padding or margin values of the "a:hover" CSS. On second though, I'd loose the border idea all together and go with a background swap out. I use that in my navigation. I'm too lazy to explain it so here's my code: nav ul li a {float:left;display:block;position:relative;width:100px;font-size:14px;line-height:44px;text-align:center;text-decoration:none;color:#CC99FF;}nav ul li a:hover {background-color: #97268F;float:left;display:block;position:relative;width:100px;font-size:14px;line-height:44px;text-align:center;color:#fff;text-decoration:none;} Design of a layout can be frustrating. You get to share that with everyone in this forum. But from where you are, you shouldn't be too upset. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  5. From my own experience, I always expect a programmed response from chats. Logistically I don't see it either (see TheGallery's post). I'd also add that too many newer users (ones without the wisdom to actually read the tutorials) would flood that system. No offense intended.-Grahamalluringmedia.net
  6. Voila!http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_send_email.asp i'm pretty sure that you're looking to create a contact page with ASP in HTML. The ASP communicates with the server and then the server will send out the email if I'm not mistaken. Hope that helped-Grahamalluringmedia.net
  7. Site Name: Alluring MediaSite Type: Self promo / media serviceSite Owner/Developer: GrahamSite Address: http://alluringmedia.netComments: This is my site for trouble shooting code and displaying some of my work.
  8. Just want to ad Gimp to the list of graphic tools. It's a free ware tool, and, if you have the patience (which I don't) you can use it to get similar editing tools to that of Photoshop. Please know that I don't use Gimp. I bought CS5 and I'll be needing food stamps for a long time to pay it off. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  9. Please post your site address. You are creating 3 more pages correct? This shouldn't be done with Flash or OOP (object oriented programming). You should create 3 new pages ("links" "books" "social") and add the content you were instructed to add. An AS file is a script that's used by Flash and if you have the layout set up strictly in flash and the pages display in a huge flash file, please re-consider the structure of the site. You can have all the content added to movieclips in your library and have the AS call the movieclips onto the stage. This can be done using buttons and an external AS file like you mentioned, however there are down sides to not having multiple pages. Search engines such as Google or Bing will not catch the content within flash. I advise the HTML route in the long run but if the project (school?) calls for it you can do it all within Flash.As for the twitter feed, I know how to do that but it's using actionscript+HTML. I imagine it can be done though, it just takes a lot of time to figure that out. Here are some resources that might be helpful: AS 3 refernce indexMoock.orghttp://tv.adobe.com/ Moock is a genius when it comes to ActionScript. I have his Actionscript Essentials book and it took a while but a lot of stuff clicked after reading it. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  10. I have to point you to PSD tuts. On a side note, I would tell you to draw on the inspiration that you get from this and try to recreate the effect versus editing it out. You'll get better results and learn more that way. Good luck. Grahamalluringmedia.net
  11. I'm with Fmdpa, it would be re-inventing the wheel. Video is in excess in nature because most of the content that is covered deals with code. I have watched code tutorials in the past and rarely does the tutorial code work for my project. It's still beneficial becase I can take what does work, however it is really really hard to watch. I fall asleep watching people type. Not to shoot you down. It is a good idea but youtube has a lot to offer and this might miss the mark. or ("I might be wrong") {$proceed (next post);} else {$concoct(yummy beverage[for me]);} Grahamalluringmedia.net
  12. I see what you have there. It’s a good idea but I have a few suggestions. You mentioned that you are making a “pure” CSS menu, but are you using Spry or a .js script at all? I would need to see those also to really work out a solution. However, I believe you may want to take a more direct and simplified approach to this. It will save you some headaches and stress. Try considering a simplified nav system that has a drop down menu or each section-page has the sub pages listed in a column somewhere and use bread crumbs. I understand re-catagorizing the pages may not be an option or way too much work but it could help out in the long run. Here’s my proposal: Home | About Us | Services | Resources | Contact The other sub-categories would fall under these. Tax centre is already a given being that the site is for a tax accountant and client’s zone; I should think the site as a whole is a zone for clients. Links can find a place in Resources also. The drop down part of the menu I'd have to look at further so I'd need to see all the code for that but from the looks of it, I'd say it's a rollover state that has sizing and placement issues. I have to bring this up also. The layout looks good. It’s clean and easy to look at. However, when you resize the screen your nav goes to heck. Sorry to break that, but it’s an issue being that we don’t know what the viewer size is going to be. Post your HTML and any further scripts and I’ll take a look at them and hopefully get the nav to 100%. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  13. I started out in art and gravitated towards Web design after re-assessing my needs and goals from college. I came to that decision quite simply because artists don’t make money. Well some of them don’t.I perused and graduated with a degree in Multimedia and Web design. I could have taken another class and received another degree in Graphic design because of similarities of the two degrees. My courses started off with Web authoring, HTML & CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and more. It was a lot to swallow and I took some more art classes as well and architecture. 3D art was fun but takes way too much time. Well it did back then. You should look at the programs the schools offer, read the course layout, decide if it the right path and research each course to see what the class will be like.Good luck and enjoy! -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  14. Alluring


    Here's a good link to a tutorial that includes the "ever-other" child CSS3 element.http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/html-css-techniques/html-5-and-css-3-the-techniques-youll-soon-be-usingLook for the section entitled Zebra-striping. You could apply the CSS to the tags that nest the RSS input.Hope this was helpful. Sorry if it doesn't fix your issue, as it's a robust answer.-Grahamalluringmedia.net
  15. Zooming in and out.Are you using the zoom function (cntrl & "+) or zooming some other way? It sounds like your browser "remembered" and it is in the same state you zoomed into yesterday. Try this key combo: "Cntr & "0" That's the number zero. That will zero-out your browsers' viewing zoom. Grahamalluringmedia.net
  16. You can do everything you mentioned. I just answered a post similar to this and you may get some info from there. Also, of course, as Synook mentioned you should check out the resources on wordpress. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  17. Hello Ian, I've used Joomla! and Wordpress. Both are very good approaches towards laying down quick and easy sites. A CMS is a good way to go for a site design but I did not choose that for mine. The reasons are irrelevant. First, a couple of questions for you or your wife. Do you only have Photoshop or do you also have Dreamweaver? If you have any of the design creative suites, you’ll be off to a good start. Photoshop is great, but I think I’m going to push Adobe InDesign here. Do you have that? It’s part of the creative suite also. Also, there are some great tutorials online sometimes and I usually find them from Youtube Learn CSS. Learn it like a mad man.When you’re done, cross check your learning with the CSS information on W3schools. Good? Awesome. Now read up on PHP and you’re really getting somewhere. This is assuming you have a good grip on HTML and JavaScript.All of these languages come into play when editing a CMS folder and files. If you’re using a Web provider service like Bluehost or Godaddy then you can have the CMS installed effortlessly. However, you will have a hard time really “getting to know” those folders and files. Back to Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver (in its latest version [CS5]) supports content management systems. Horray!! However, I don’t have much experience with it. You can learn more about that here: http://tv.adobe.comI’d also add that tv.adobe.com is a great resource for learning, bookmark it. Good luck and I hope your site becomes awesome!-Grahamalluringmedia.net
  18. Hello Nelson,Did you purchase just Photoshop CS? Or do you have a creative suite? When I had Photoshop CS (I now have CS5) it came with a bunch of programs like GoLive, Illustrator and the Fireworks predecessor (which I can't recall at the moment). If you do, please respond in thread and I'll gladly give more information about GoLive - which is Adobe's attempt to compete with Dreamweaver (this all went down years ago, Adobe owns Dreamweaver now) when it was part of Macromedia. -Grahamalluringmedia.net
  19. Alluring

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    I'm sorry to hear your problem and that it's not functioning properly. I can't answer this question directly but I can offer a solution. JAlbum.com is a free gallery generator I've used a handful of times to make HTML galleries and it works like a charm. Easy to use and a short download time. The limit is 1 month so you can use it and that might help temporarily. I also echo what Don posted as you should definitely check the help guide with the software you purchased. It's an investment so you would benefit from getting all you can from the software or tutorials on youtube.com.-Grahamalluringmedia.net
  20. This may or may not be relevant (there's no way of knowing) but my computer was infected by a virus shortly after down loading hypercam. Only good news is that I managed to get most of the virus off (still some stuff popping up in browsers but OS is good now) and I'm back up in running. Just want to point out that this occurred within 24 hours of downloading this software. I'm not sure if it's related or not.-updateAgainst my own better judgement I re-downloaded and gave it a second shot and no new virus thus far.
  21. I believe that your site isn't "missing" anything. There are a few tweaks that I would suggest, however, given the look of your site, I'm not going to give any "suggestions." The reason being that I think it really does look good.I'm not sure if validation is an issue for you or what it looks like on hand-helds but it looks sharp and well laid out. I have to ask if it was made with a template though.Good work. -Grahamhttp://alluringmedia.net
  22. I think you are looking for a navigation system for the green thing? It's a huge image though. You need to re-think the layout beneath the alien guy jamming to the cool music animation. Check out some of the links on this site: http://www.w3schools.com/ and really focus on some of the HMTL and CSS (as the scientist mentioned above). I understand why you want to delay the load. It's too long of a wait time for a viewer. Instead of all those gifs running you might want to consider Flash or Silverlight. Actually I can't promote Sivlerlight as I have only used Flash. So, moving along, use something else, like Flash, for the top animation and consider breaking the 4 topics into a navigation bar. You can have it on top of that green graphic and it can have roll over states just like TheScientist said. -Grahamhttp://alluringmedia.net
  23. Just want to add that when using tables, you will always have a (at least) 1 pixel boarder. It is un-removeable. You can displace it with some tricky CSS but it doesn't go away. There's a lot of content that covers this situation. Keep that in mind when designing layouts. Decide between <table> and <div> tags. There are a lot of differences when it comes to displaying with CSS.Hope this was useful.-Grahamhttp://alluringmedia.net
  24. Ok, first: please don't read this the wrong way, I don't want this to come across as criticism. Second: your <head> tag needs to be opened and closed at the top. That's a big problem right there. I'm not sure why you're putting multiple images in an <li> tag, but you can if you'd like. Here's what the proper code should look like: <!DOCTYPE html><head> <style type="text/css"><!--.style1 {background-image:url(img_flwr.gif), url(img_tree.gif);}--></style> </head> <body> <ul><li class="style1"></li><li></li><li></li></ul> </body></html> You can start with that and I would suggest maybe using <div> tags or something else. Are you trying to make a nav bar? Let me know how it turns out. -Grahamhttp://alluringmedia.net
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