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  1. As I said I would do more complex things once I learn how to do that, like do a random image or something. So would I just do like a php include to the specified file when I tell it its a png to the browser?
  2. I would like some php page like image.php work by using a few variables in the url to display an image, like doing <img src="image.php?f=somepng" /> and have the file "somepng.png" be displayed. This is probably really simple, and from there I can do what I actually want to do.Also would it work to display an image from another site like that?
  3. I've been working on teaching myself php since yesterday. I've started a comment system within the last hour and it works, but it appends things to the end of the file, and I want it to do that at the beginning of the file. The option "r+" and "w+" and "a+" all didn't work, so I'm wondering if I could move the file pointer with a function, or at least learn how to make the pointer in beginning of file. As it is now, it will post them with the new posts showing last, and I would rather have it the other way around. So by having it append to beginning that would solve the problem. But how? The php of the main file is found below: $commentFile = "comments.txt";$fh = fopen($commentFile,'a+') or die("cannot be opened");fwrite($fh,"Post by <b>" . $_POST["nick"] . "</b><br />\n" . $_POST["txt"] . "\n<br /><hr /><br />\n");fclose($fh);
  4. Oops I'm having problems again I don't want to use the q tag, that was just for testing, but when I took it out and replaced q with / in all of the select attributes it just kept doing all of them for each one... What's wrong?
  5. Wow if only I knew more about Schema's... I did have build in there, but then I decided to take it out when I realized my program didn't have that, it was later that I decided to try and make it for broader use, which was also when I ran into that problem. Thanks and I'll go look up things about Schema's now. I don't need "i" in there so I'll take that out... Also since I don't know much about Schema's or how they would help me in this project I'll worry about it later
  6. I've decided to make a template for versions of programs I make and that people in other gaming communities can use for the things they make, but I've already ran into trouble early on in the making of this. I can't figure out why it won't work either, the text isn't showing for the major/minor/revision td's when it should. I know the if statement works fine though because it makes a row for both versions in the example...xmlxsl Thanks.
  7. Update! Refer to top post and enjoy!
  8. Regarding the question about frontpage users, I have used it at school (recently in fact, before I knew html), and I still knew enough to look at the html and see that it was not very good. I also looked at the sub-website of my school for a section of the 8th grade (I was in 8th grade this year) and couldn't help but laugh. but it is a lifesaver for some people, especially teachers who don't have time or don't want to learn html. And it would be hard to program frontpage to recognize patterns regarding position and such to make a css class for it, but they should at least make a css thing that converted a tag's attributes to css and allow you to name the class it creates (do they?).As far as my favorite editor, I like PSPad, and Kate which comes with linux, but that is probably because of the ftp stuff Kubuntu had... I also like my very own AHTMLPad Latest Version because it is pretty simple. I am also proud that someone said they would make AHTMLPad their prefered html editor . Well, enough advertising of that, because to be honest I only use my AHTMLPad for HTML2txt conversion, ftp uploads, and when I take screenshots of new versions and the rest of my html editing is done with PSPad or gedit (ubuntu text editor now that I got ubuntu instead of kubuntu) or just the web site that hosts my site's little feature to edit the html, since I don't have my own domain (I wish I did but they aren't free and I don't have enough reason for my own domain, I guess)
  9. I have added an installer, and I'm working on your wonderful but extensive suggestions/reports/other stuff . But please remember that all of the program's gui (window) except for menu and caption is part of the HiEdit control which was not made by me. That would include the tabs and such. Thanks for the feedback and expect another version some time in the [hopfully] near future. PS: Also that program detects whether or not an update is available on the program and if so it will tell you and you can go to the website to download the new version.
  10. Well what I had done for the html2txt was use the transform command with html as one parameter, I don't think the opposite is supported in autohotkey, so that would be really hard to make all the conversions from html to text (like a lot of Regular Expressions, they are wonderful but sometimes hard to make).
  11. I'm so flattered! Thanks, its nice to see someone likes this! On autohotkey forums I haven't gotten much feedback except for "why didn't you just..." stuff, which does help me, but none of them bothered to try it. Also I meant to release this yesterday on these forums but I suddenly had to get off the computer.Thanks.
  12. I decided to remake my previous html editor recently and came up with a, what I think, decent program. I doubt it will be your preferred editor, but you may use it from time to time. I have assembled a web page for it and is found here:AHTMLPad Latest Version
  13. I would like to know how to write some text to a file stored on my website, not on a person's computer, which is what I always found upon searching google with my problem. I know there is document.write() but that is for the current page, and I want to write to a different page. Is this even possible with Javascript? Is it a little different than document.write()? Please help - it will be appreciated.
  14. Update...If you run the program you will notice. Go to link and see it's updates. Enjoy
  15. That first bug with trying to run the converter again is a simple on. Its an error with autohotkey (the programing language I'm using) and it means that there are two of those windows because the other one is just on hide and is not actualy destroyed, so I will fix that.I will work on the templates, it will be simple.As far as syntax highlighting goes, the text area is just a simple edit control, and the only other control that I could even possibly use from a dll would be a Rich Text Edit, and syntax highlighting for that is quite slow I think, maybe there is a scintilla or somethings but I doubt it.The bug with the color picker is that the function returns -1 I'm assuming when its canceled and I should have put something to check for that and close that window.As for the last bug, its mainly for just typing somewhere else or viewing somewhere else, not really to use for much else.1. An installer? This scripting was mainly to test myself and show to the autohotkey community, that's also why the .ahk scripting are there, it is all the uncompiled code. 2 and 3. easily doable.4. I guess I could tweak it5. Sure, I've also recently added contacts menu and a recent files area in file menu, but not a revert, I might work on that.6. Word Wrap.... Sure7. Meh... I would need to worry about another timer other than the statusbar's, but I guess I could.8. I will just eliminate the window and have it Control, EditPaste what was highlighted using some sort of clipboard manipulation to get the highlighted text then revert the clipboard to its previous contents.9. Error in my code, talked about it above10. I'm ok with it being there for now.11. Yea it just does Run, http://exampleurl.com so that you run the thing in your default browser. Check-menu is something I've never used, but now is a good time to try. But I don't know how to detect an individual's browser's they have. Maybe have them give a path but that's a bit troublesome12. talked about13. talked about14. Nothing, its a default with autohotkey's traymenu. I haven't added anything to it so it isn't custom.15. I could record tabs and such but it is inefficient.16. Just double press the corrosponding number, I use it as a guideline.17. I would love to do that, but as explained above is very hard.When I update the program and you use it next, a window will appear showing you that an update is available, as well as the features of the new version and the link to get to there.
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