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  1. hello everyone I needed a suggestion for my project ..http://tokmobkas.mangih.besaba.com/ yeah ... i just do testing in free hosting .. ;D may be that not yet cross for many major browser but not bad look in crome or firefox (can give me a tips for cross this)... thanks for suggest regards
  2. you can add .... position:absolute;
  3. thanks for the explanation . I do thingking all day about it, so that i back here ..(ask more) if I want store many data user then KEY_MG will have many duplicate ,ya i thingking it not good for many data dummy in a field.. and i can give index in a field fewer field may be good but valid field it is the best.. thanks much once again .. regards
  4. thanks ... so the best way is second field .. thanks .. for your help ..
  5. hello I thinking about wht is the best create many or just litle field in table a database : ex: I want create this : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | ID_U | firsname | lastName | email | biograp | comment | status_res | activatio | aim | jabber | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 1 | fekke1 | laldjajdd | e@d.dcom | ndndn | blalalalal | a,ama | ,,,,,,,,, |.
  6. thanks i get it ...
  7. You can do like this .... maybe its the best we can get more detail your field .....
  8. hello.... I have file foto with name : my foto You.flv_snapshot_00.18_[2013.06.24_12.12.05].jpg I have do upload that foto , the picture move to directori but not save in database.... I think the problem lies name my picture ... .. How to rename foto be name valid more .. thnks Regards ...
  9. Liffe never left you a lone...

  10. hey everyone I want count how long some one when they do login at my web ..... how for do that ...... thanxks regard
  11. thanks alot .....
  12. fikiwan

    display datetime

    OK .... thanks for your help ...
  13. Hey ... I want display datetime from DB... EX : 2013-06-10 12:10:5 I want display only year = 2013 MONT = 06 day = 10 how to do like above display the part from datetime. thanks regards
  14. fikiwan

    display datetime

    ya ... I'm back from there and now I'm ask for help something here ... (Y) it's not from DB , but just im tried like this <?phpecho "date('Y-m-d H:i:s A') ->". date('Y-m-d H:i:s A');?>
  15. fikiwan

    display datetime

    hello .... anyone here ...I try display datetime look the pic: why is the date that appears not the same as my computer thank regar
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