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  1. Chinese > Most spoken Eastern languages (?)I agree with it!
  2. if you familiar sql it is easy for you to insert or delete the information in the database!
  3. if you want to connect a database to an asp paper,i sugest you should follow the following steps:firestly u should creat an object which connects to the database entering in some codes like"set conn=server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")"secondly you open the connection ,entering the codes like"conn.open "dsn=search" it is necessary for you to config your date sourcethirdly creat a recordset adding the codes"set rs=server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")"i think it can work!sorry,you may hardly understand what i have writen,because of my poor English.English is my second language.I am a Chin
  4. litter bug

    Flash move

    I think u should add some flash action scripts as possible! This can help you control your flash well!I am a student from Chinese,glad to help you!
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