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  1. Is this about right? http://kb.siteground.com/article/Simple_domain_name_masking.html
  2. I recently posted this: http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=44208 in CSS styles. I'm having trouble with my site displaying correctly in IE8 & Above. I have discovered that the reason my site wont load correctly in IE8+ is to do with the web forwarding and masking (set up by lcn.com) forcing my site to display in IE7 mode - and thus my CSS won't load. It used to be that if you visit my site at: www.davemooreboxedart.co.uk you get masked & forwarded to: www.personalised-cupcakes.co.uk/davemoore/index2.html (I have since changed this to a simple re-direction and my site
  3. Roasted85

    CSS IE9 issues

    IF LCN (the peeps I get my domain names from) can't offer a solution. Does anyone know of a good work around to over-ride it?
  4. Roasted85

    CSS IE9 issues

    oh hang on! that's imposed by the web forwarding from lcn.com !
  5. Roasted85

    CSS IE9 issues

    oh beg your pardon, that should have updated to the above posted code before you visited it!
  6. Roasted85

    CSS IE9 issues

    Hello! Please bare with me as I don't know what i'm doing most of the time!Slowly learning to create sites using Dreamweaver and creating in HTML with CSS. if you visit My site at: http://www.davemooreboxedart.co.uk you get masked and forwarded to the actual destination which is hosted at: www.personalised-cupcakes.co.uk/davemoore/index.html (<--piggybacking n what not) When doing this in Safari, Firefox and Chrome the site displays as I would like - With border-radius' and colours and fonts as it should. When doing so in Internet Explorer (i'm using 9) the CSS doesn't load correctly. I thi
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