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A litte insert problem with array.


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Hey :) Happy newyr people :) Another year with errors and late nights :) Heres the problem. The function is ment to insert cars into a "Garage". But i have an array problem that i cant figure out myself.The array works fine actually, it goes perfect into the echo and i get random every time. But it just wont insert the right "biler" into mysql.If someone can help me here it whould be great.

}else{$få=rand(0,6);if ($biler[$få] == "Volvo 240"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/volvo.jpg"; }elseif ($biler[$få] == "Subaru Impresa"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/sub.jpg"; }elseif ($biler[$få] == "Skyline"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/sky.jpg"; }elseif ($biler[$få] == "Farrari"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/far.jpg"; }elseif ($biler[$få] == "Hummer H1"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/hum.jpg"; }elseif ($biler[$få] == "TransAm"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/tra.jpg"; }elseif ($biler[$få] == "Mini Cooper"){ $bilde= "bilder/biler/min.jpg"; }echo "<table width='65%' align='center'  border='1' bordercolor='#000000' cellspacing='0'>  <tr>	<th background='grad.jpg' scope='col'>Crime Success</th>  </tr>  <tr>	<td background='link.jpg'>You got away with a $biler[$få]!!</td>  </tr></table>";$time= time() + 4;if($biler[$få]=="Volvo 240"){$pris=rand(7000,12000);$skade=rand(13,23);}if($biler[$få]="Subaru Impresa"){$pris=rand(7000,15000);$skade=rand(13,32);}if($biler[$få]=="Skyline"){$pris=rand(7000,19000);$skade=rand(13,55);}if($biler[$få]="Farrari"){$pris=rand(7000,22000);$skade=rand(15,55);}if($biler[$få]="Hummer H1"){$pris=rand(7000,26000);$skade=rand(12,59);}if($biler[$få]="TransAm"){$pris=rand(8000,30000);$skade=rand(19,44);}if($biler[$få]="Mini Cooper"){$pris=rand(13000,60000);$skade=rand(10,23);}mysql_query("INSERT INTO `biler`(`id`,`bil`,`skade`,`pris`,`sted`,`eier`,`status`,`flyttetid`)VALUES('','$biler[$få]','$skade','$pris','$info->land','$brukernavn','0','')");mysql_query("UPDATE brukere SET antallgta=antallgta+1 WHERE brukernavn='$brukernavn'");}


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Either enclose the variable in brackets:...VALUES('','{$biler[$få]}','...Or it might be because of the unicode character in the variable name. I'm not sure if that's allowed or not.
Thanks mate, ill test it :)..-> Kristian_C.
Thanks mate, ill test it :blink:..-> Kristian_C.
:) it was the unicode character thing :) hehe... Thanks :blink:->Kristian_C
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