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Having a problem with variables.


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Ok i have this code:

<script type="text/javascript">function move(){document.getElementById('object').style.position="absolute";document.getElementById('object').style.left="400";var xpos = document.getElementById('object').style.left;var CMD = document.getElementById('object').value;if(CMD = 'right'){document.getElementById('object').style.left=xpos - 10;}}</script>

I whas trying to move the object if the value of the textbox whas right.But i get a error saying invalid argument , it is most likely because xpos = 400px .But how do i solve that?

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var xpos = document.getElementById('object').style.left;...document.getElementById('object').style.left=xpos - 10;

Yeah, I think the problem is because you are trying to subtract 10 from "400px". Try using offsetLeft rather than style.left to get the position.
var xpos = document.getElementById('object').offsetLeft;...document.getElementById('object').style.left = (xpos - 10) + "px";

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