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  1. if you're just matching against a number and a string use isNaN() (is not a number)
  2. I suggest you lose the rounded edges and make the type smaller to start.
  3. I believe you have the problem with your getElementsByTagName('tagname') bit, it's supposed to be getElementsByTagName('tagname')[itemnumber].nodeValue
  4. If the server side coding language you are using supports WDDX use an Ajax Call and bring back the data as JS (if possible) or as XML and parse the XML.EDIT: this is a response to the first question.
  5. Are you both talking about CFAJAX or just regular AJAX? Because I think you're both talking about normal Ajax and I keep reading that it's impossible.
  6. Okay so I've been looking around and I noticed AJAX upload file doesn't exactly exist.Is there an alternative method besides iFrames? Would I be able to use *insert server side language here*AJAX?
  7. Is there a parameter or some script I could write for the Spry ValidationTextField widget to call a function when it has validated?I attempted to add an onblur to the input field that would alert me of the style.display of the textfieldValidMsg field but it always returns blank. :)Any help is much appreciated.
  8. You just need to select the data from each database and use a query of queries to join them.This seemed to work for me when I tested it. <cfquery name="query1" datasource="query1datasource" cachedwithin="#CreateTimeSpan(0,1,0,0)#">SELECT *FROM table1</cfquery><cfquery name="query2" datasource="query2datasource">SELECT *FROM table2</cfquery><cfquery name="joinqueries" dbtype="query">SELECT *FROM query1, query2</cfquery> Of course you'll probably want to play around with it a bit so it returns the right data that you want...
  9. Thanks, with a little modification it worked perfectly. I never thought it would be so easy.So how would I add a month, or a year to a date?I'm guessing I can go plus 30 or whatever but I'm just wondering if there is a function or something for an easier way...
  10. Okay so I'm building this mini event system and I'm listing out all these like events into a page. So I was hoping to bold dates that are closer than a week away.I have this little snippet of code and I was wondering what exactly to write instead of the bolded red text. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to manipulating dates.
  11. className should work just fine.
  12. Hehe, that really lit up my day.
  13. It takes as much effort to do XHTML instead of HTML, why do it wrong and risk losing your page display due to the progression of browsers and loss of support for old coding languages or when in the future you need to showoff a webpage for a job or something, nobody will be impressed that you made a page in HTML when there are millions of other people that can make a page in XHTML.
  14. I completely mis-understood what he wrote, I've been doing that quite alot lately...
  15. Why not just sanitize the input from the server side before putting it in the database?
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