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Money values

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Hello,Here I am again... Already. Anyways, lately, I have been having issues with Money and the sort. How should I do this? (Like, Money on an RPG, so you can buy Items). Some say I should store it in an SQL... The issue is: The money value has to be atleast 999,999,999. However, when I try to create a Longblob or Longtext (or any blobs or text fields), it won't work. Well, if you try to in a script, which I what I need to do, for certain reasons. Doubt it would even work if I created it from the database.Anyways, others have suggested using fopen. How could that be possible?Sorry if it's not quite clear.Thanks.

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You're working with a number, you don't need a long blob. A long blob stores several megabytes of binary data, you don't need several megabytes of binary data to store a 9-digit number. Use an integer column if you only need whole numbers, if you need decimals then use a float. The database does not store commas so leave those out when you work with the number, use PHP to add the commas when you write the number on the page.

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