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What's with the function Left()?

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Why does the expression strHx = left(s,inStr(s,",")-1) cause the error message Invalid procedure call or argument: 'left', while the expression strHx = left(s,inStr(s,",")+1) does not? I want to parse the string s and bring back everything to the left of the first comma. Any help would be appreciated.

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strHx = left(s,inStr(s,",")-1)Works fine for me.  Why not:strHx =  split(s,",")(0)though?

I think I understand what's going on here. If no comma is found in s, the Left() function would get -1 as the second argument, which may cause some problems, I guess. I'll have to Replace() the comma with nothing.Thanks for your response, Blue. I don't know why it works for you, maybe version differences. I'm not sure how to get the version number for my IIS server, but the under the Default Website Properties, on the Server Extensions tab, I see version
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