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best scripting langauge?


what is your best scripting language?  

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  1. 1. what is your best scripting language?

    • PHP
    • ASP
    • CGI
    • others

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I develop using various languages such as PHP, ASP, Perl, Java, Actionscript and Javascript.Obviously, each language has it's pros and cons, but I've been getting into ASP.NET using Visual Basic and that's been very promising to be my favorite. Here's a list of some of the reasons I like and dislike each.PHP is a free language platform and for obvious reasons, that would be the best for a lot of developers due to the lack of overhead. Other strengths of PHP is the wide-spread popularity so you get a lot better support and tutorials on the web to learn the language. PHP can be pretty much hosted anywhere. Downsides: PHP4 is all that hosting companies offer, though, even though PHP5 has been out for a while. A lot of the tutorials/syntax tips you'll hear are widespread across the version board, so you may read a tutorial on PHP5 and not realize why it's not working on your server. It gets a little confusing sometimes because of this AND probably my biggest pet peeve about PHP4 is that its interaction with XML is pretty poor. PHP5, on the flip-side, is absolutely awesome with XML but isn't fully supported yet.Classic ASP, however, is near as popular... works with SQL a whole lot better (IMO)... has many more built-in functions... and better components that you can purchase online to make life so much easier. The downside is that hosting has to be on a Windows box only. Also, this language is a little more difficult to learn, but pretty strong once gotten.Perl is a very strong language. Awesome with interaction/writing XML, but a a very robust and difficult to learn with all if its built-in packages/components. This is also free and can be hosted anywhere. I'd say this is a little slow on the development side.Coldfusion is a very powerful and quick language to develop in, but has tremendous overhead. It's supposed to be very easy to learn but very difficult to read as a beginner. I steer clear of this, though, because the only way to use this language is to find a coldfusion server which is quite a bit more pricy. In addition, I would like to say that the same shortcuts of this language that makes it so easy to use also takes away the ability to be very intricate.The last language I want to brief is what I think will soon be my favorite... ASP.NET. ASP.NET is not to be confused with Classic ASP but both have to be Windows-hosted. The nice thing about .NET is it is merely a framework and not really a language. You can write a .NET using Visual Basic, C# or JScript (java based), which means you have the full support of a very robust language backing the application. The biggest difference here is that this is the only language listed that is Object-Oriented. That accounts for a much MUCH easier way to build onto other applications and improve. It also is a phenominally clean language to write and using the all-new Visual Studio 2005, very VERY quick to use. Interaction with databases are simply built-into VS2005 as well as Javascript integration built into the real-time form validations. In my humble opinion, I think ASP.NET has the capability to be the most robust and sturdy languages on the web.Hope that helped shed a little light.

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