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Php Browser Compatibility. How To Make It So Different Css Is Applied For Different Browser?


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How do i make it so a text box is positioned in a certain way for certain browsers?I have a text box that is positioned in the centered in my web page, and the text in the box is centered as well. I did this using px's however, because i could not get it to center for me otherwise. In firefox it requires me to position it -67px, but in google chrome it is centered at 6px. here is the CSS for that section:

.loginboxdiv {	margin-left:auto;	margin-right:auto;	height: 21px;	width: 146px;	background: url(Buttons/login_bg.gif) no-repeat bottom;	text-align: center;	}.loginbox {	background: none;	border: none;	position: absolute;	margin-left: 		<?php			if ($o == "WIN" && $b == "IE" && $v < 6) echo "-67px;"			else echo "6px;";		?> 	background: none;	width: 134px;	height: 15px;	margin-top: 3px;	margin-left: 6px;	padding: 2px 7px 0px 7px;	font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;	font-size: 11px;	text-align: center;	z-index: 1;	}

I tried to use some PHP to fix this, but it didn't work. I dont know enough about this language to know how to fix it. Here is a link that i put in the <head> tags in my HTML document to a PHP document:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.php"/>...<!-- login text boxes --><h4>Username</h4><div class="loginboxdiv" align="center">  <input class="loginbox" name="username" type="text"/></div><h4>Password</h4><div class="loginboxdiv">  <input class="loginbox" name="password" type="password"/></div>

and finally the PHP document:

<?phpheader("Content-type: text/css");$d = detect();$b = $d['browser'];$v = $d['version'];$o = $d['os'];function detect()	{	$browser = array ("IE","OPERA","MOZILLA","NETSCAPE","FIREFOX","SAFARI");	$os = array ("WIN","MAC");	$info['browser'] = "OTHER";	$info['os'] = "OTHER";	foreach ($browser as $parent)		{		$s = strpos(strtoupper($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']), $parent);		$f = $s + strlen($parent);		$version = substr($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], $f, 5);		$version = preg_replace('/[^0-9,.]/','',$version);		if ($s)			{			$info['browser'] = $parent;			$info['version'] = $version;			}		}	foreach ($os as $val)		{		if (eregi($val,strtoupper($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))) $info['os'] = $val;		}	return $info;	}?><?php if ($b != "OTHER" && $o != "OTHER" && $v >= 5) { ?>

This is something I don't know how to fix and don't have anyone to ask advice for. Could someone help me?

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