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Weird Asp?


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Okay, here we go:I installed XAMPP on my machine (among many other things), and after ages of toying with it finally got ASP scripts to work. However, it had an example script that posted the output "OK" if ASP worked, however I would've though it would be something like this:


But instead it was this:


When I tried to run a custom ASP script that works with cookies, it gave me error messages. It seems I can only use the $Response->Write version, which seems too much like Pearl or something.Any help? Is there something in the XAMPP control panel to fix this, or a tutorial for this different version?Also, slightly off topic: Does anyone know where I can get a free version of IIS for Windows? I ask, because I ran the w3schools checks to get it, but it wasn't in the Add Or Remove Programs bit. If I go "Start->Administrative Tools->IIS6 Manager For Windows" it says "You cannot access this because you are not on the administrative account", which I am. Also, on Visual Web Developer it said "You do not have IIS installed on this machine." Any help for this either?I'd really appreciate any references, regardsRobberBaron

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I would be interested to hear how you got ASP to run on Apache, but that doesn't look like ASP code. That looks like either a PHP or Perl emulation, like you said. If you're using Mono, it might be that it uses Perl or PHP to write ASP (ASP is not a language, just a framework, you can use many languages to write ASP code). The only way that Microsoft distributes IIS is on the Windows CD, it's only available for certain versions of Windows (not available for most "home" versions, for example). Depending on which version of Windows you're running the language or terminology might be different, but at least with XP Professional you can go to Add/Remove, then click the Windows Components button, and find Internet Information Services listed there. You'll need to be an admin to install it, so if Windows doesn't think you're an admin you'll have to address that before installing it.

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