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Hello GuysI'm currently running this script inside MS Excelnow this works (may have typos below) however when using this line ".body1:_id3:Number.Value=Range("B1")" it returns an error due to the _ However this is the Name & ID of this field. this CANNOT be change is their anyway i can still reference this field without changing the name and id of this field? If it's any use i know its the 3rd input box down?

Dim ObjIE as objectSet ObjIe = createobject ("internetExplorer.Application")with ObjIe.Navigate = "http://localhost/test.php"Do While .busy:DoEvents:LoopDo While .ReadyState<>4:DoEvents:Loop.Visible = Truewith .Documents.forms("myForm").body1:_id3:Number.Value=Range("B1").SubmitEnd WithEnd WithSet ObjIe = Nothing

Second Question is:on a second form (no relation to the first form)to submit the form the button is <input type="submit" name="test" value="Search" /> that needs to be clicked however their is also another submit button which has the value of <input type="submit" name="test" value="Clear" />i have tried this..test.Value="Search"but with no joy so i triedwith .Documents.forms("myForm").value="Search".submitbut again with no joyanyone able to help with either of these questions?thanks Very MuchJonathon Morris

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