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Hello according to this i found here!

<%dim numvisitsresponse.cookies("NumVisits").Expires=date+365numvisits=request.cookies("NumVisits")if numvisits="" then   response.cookies("NumVisits")=1   response.write("Welcome! This is the first time you are visiting this Web page.")else   response.cookies("NumVisits")=numvisits+1   response.write("You have visited this ")   response.write("Web page " & numvisits)   if numvisits=1 then	 response.write " time before!"   else	 response.write " times before!"   end ifend if%>

which result:"You have visited this Web page 2 times before!" ......ets I wonder if there is a way to display the days since last visit, for example:"You have visited this Web page 15 days before!

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