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jQuery event queuing.


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I am trying to make it, so that when I click on the h2 element the background opacity will fade to 25% and get a margin of 20px. Then when this is complete, fade the element with the class "speech" to 50% opacity. However at the moment everything is happening at the same time and I can't work it out. Is this something to do with more than one element being targeted by the click? Do I need to use the queue() method? My code is:

$('h2').click(function(){  $(this)   .fadeTo('slow', '0.25')   .animate({marginLeft:'20px'}, {duration:'slow', queue: false});   $('div.speech').fadeTo('slow', '0.5');  });


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 $('h2').click(function(){  $(this)   .fadeTo('slow', '0.25')   .animate({marginLeft:'20px'},'slow', function(){   $('div.speech').fadeTo('slow', '0.5');	 });  });    

then function within the animate function is applied only when the margin animation is finished.

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