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How can I make pictures 865x170


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Maybe go to photoshop and adjust the size? It will only be good to do this if you have a bigger picture to reduce the size of otherwise it will look distorted. If you don't have photoshop even camera picture edit programs have features that can help you to do this.

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so yesterday i went to office depot to get it done, so this really nice girl gave me a quick lesson on how to crop and resize i have all the tools i just dint know how to use them, lol i used Adobe photoshop......

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Guest Keytone

I use Paint.NET very easy and I like it. I think using jpg or jpeg gives better resolution when enlarging but does a good job on gif too. Make sure the "Maintain aspect ratio" box is unchecked if you are changing an existing photo, it will distort. On the horizontal menu at the top, it's "resize" is under "image". Best of all...Its FREE ! keytone (John)

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