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adjust prefilled textarea


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Hi all,I have a textarea, which is pre filled out of a database.When I click inside the textarea, to add text, then the area is cleared, instead of keeping the prefilled stuff alive...When I don't type something, and just click outside the area, then the prefilled info returns.When I do type letter, and click outside the area, then only the new letters stays show.When I delete the previous single letter and click outside, then the prefilled stuff is put back again...I want when clicking the area, that the prefilled text stays shown and is adjustable...hope you understand what I mean...BTW the textarea is prefilled from database using PHP...

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??? As long as you don't have javascript check if the textarea is focused on, to clear content, or onblur to check if content is empty, so it shows the the default value, just by using <textarea name="mytextarea" id="mytextarea">Everyone should know, after years of MS updating IE, it is beautiful, Sorry! I mean its still beautifully crappy, still behind other better browsers, so why do they still bother?</textarea> should give you what you want.

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