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See this code first

<?phpinclude_once $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] .    '/includes/magicquotes.inc.php'; if (isset($_POST['action']) and $_POST['action'] == 'upload'){  // Bail out if the file isn't really an upload  if (!is_uploaded_file($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name']))  {    $error = 'There was no file uploaded!';    include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/error.html.php';    exit();  }  $uploadfile = $_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'];  $uploadname = $_FILES['upload']['name'];  $uploadtype = $_FILES['upload']['type'];  $uploaddesc = $_POST['desc'];  $uploaddata = file_get_contents($uploadfile);   include 'db.inc.php';   try  {    $sql = 'INSERT INTO filestore SET        filename = :filename,        mimetype = :mimetype,        description = :description,        filedata = :filedata';    $s = $pdo->prepare($sql);    $s->bindValue(':filename', $uploadname);    $s->bindValue(':mimetype', $uploadtype);    $s->bindValue(':description', $uploaddesc);    $s->bindValue(':filedata', $uploaddata);    $s->execute();  }  catch (PDOException $e)  {    $error = 'Database error storing file!';    include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/error.html.php';    exit();  }   header('Location: .');  exit();} if (isset($_GET['action']) and    ($_GET['action'] == 'view' or $_GET['action'] == 'download') and    isset($_GET['id'])){  include 'db.inc.php';   try  {    $sql = 'SELECT filename, mimetype, filedata        FROM filestore        WHERE id = :id';    $s = $pdo->prepare($sql);    $s->bindValue(':id', $_GET['id']);    $s->execute();  }  catch (PDOException $e)  {    $error = 'Database error fetching requested file.';    include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/error.html.php';    exit();  }   $file = $s->fetch();  if (!$file)  {    $error = 'File with specified ID not found in the database!';    include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/error.html.php';    exit();  }   $filename = $file['filename'];  $mimetype = $file['mimetype'];  $filedata = $file['filedata'];  $disposition = 'inline';   if ($_GET['action'] == 'download')  {    $mimetype = 'application/octet-stream';    $disposition = 'attachment';  }   // Content-type must come before Content-disposition  header('Content-length: ' . strlen($filedata));  header("Content-type: $mimetype");  header("Content-disposition: $disposition; filename=$filename");   echo $filedata;  exit();} if (isset($_POST['action']) and $_POST['action'] == 'delete' and    isset($_POST['id'])){  include 'db.inc.php';   try  {    $sql = 'DELETE FROM filestore        WHERE id = :id';    $s = $pdo->prepare($sql);    $s->bindValue(':id', $_POST['id']);    $s->execute();  }  catch (PDOException $e)  {    $error = 'Database error deleting requested file.';    include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/error.html.php';    exit();  }   header('Location: .');  exit();} include 'db.inc.php'; try{  $result = $pdo->query(      'SELECT id, filename, mimetype, description      FROM filestore');}catch (PDOException $e){  $error = 'Database error fetching stored files.';  include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/error.html.php';  exit();} $files = array();foreach ($result as $row){  $files[] = array(      'id' => $row['id'],      'filename' => $row['filename'],      'mimetype' => $row['mimetype'],      'description' => $row['description']);} include 'files.html.php';

When i remove the $files = array(); , i see there are no changes...


Can you tell me what $files=array(); does ?

Edited by terryds
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