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how can i make such a frame??


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I think this

<html><frameset rows="25%,*"><frameset cols="25%,*"><frame src="frame_b.htm"><frame src="frame_c.htm"></frameset><frameset cols="25%,*"><frame src="frame_b.htm"><frame src="frame_c.htm"></frameset></frameset></html>

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also you might consider this CSS layout

div.menu{position:relative;left:0%;top:10%/*choose your own height and width*/}div.title{position: relative;top:0%;left:0%;width:100%height:10%}div.content{position: relative;top: 10%float:left;/*determine your own height and width to suit your needs*/}

and the html

<html><head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="(where you save the CSS)" /></head><body><div class="title"><!--content--></div><div class="menu"><!--content--></div><div class="content"><!--content--></div></body>

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