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list of games with their programming languages.

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The language used to program a game isn't relevant to how well the game is made. Once a game is compiled it's pretty much impossible to tell what language it was programmed in.


What's important in game development is knowing software engineering. The whole process behind making software which involves a lot more than just programming. During the development process a company decides which tools are the best to build the game in based on many factors. If you want a cheap way to develop across multiple platforms, Java is the best language. C++ is an efficient language but it's basic and not specialized for making games which means you need to do more work than if you used a game-oriented language. Game-oriented languages trade cusomizability for faster development times. All the languages have their purposes and depending on your project's budget and time constraints you may choose one over another.

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There aren't really game-oriented languages, there are just languages that people use to make games or any other application. C and C++ have been used for a lot of games. Some games today are written in Java. For graphics, OpenGL has cross-platform support and Direct3D is for Windows. id software has released the source code for several of their games:



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