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<div id="ahoj"></div><div id="lol"></div><div id="cai"></div><button id="matek"> cau </button>   function sg(){x=document.getElementById("cai");g=x.style.display;if(g=="none"){g=="block"}else{g=="none"};} window.onload=zmena;function zmena(){    document.getElementById("matek").onclick=sg;}

i have set #cai{display:none;}

Can you tell me whats wrong with my script and why it isnt workign? (its writting only error nothing more)// on the different IDE it writtes"none is not defined

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1) Because it thinks none is a variable , wait you seemed have fixed it? by comparing to text 'none' or 'block' which is correct way.


2) you are not assigning 'block', 'none' to g but just comparing it again like it is use in if else condition.


3) g now equal 'none' or 'block' but you are are not applying this to the element in question.

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