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Before I put encrypted JS code into my website, can anyone tell me if this source is trustworthy?


What I mean is, does Webtools hide something nasty into the encryption in addition to what I type into the window?

I want to keep my email address safe from robots. That is, I want to encrypt <a href="mailto:MYemail@MYdomain.com">...</a>

I've created a dummy email address and tested it. It seems to work fine, but I don't want it if they sell the address to a spammer.


I looking for protection from email skimmers, not ultimate security. I doubt someone would sift the rare JS encrypted websites for one email address. ( ...or am I being naive?)


Who out there has some knowledge about this?

Thank you!

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It doesn't look malicious, but it does double the size of the code. You can replace the final document.write with something like console.log if you want to see the code that it's running. It's the same code, just encoded in a way that makes it twice as long.

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