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Need a little help regarding a tumblr css theme


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I am using a free precompiled tumblr theme in which I would like to remove the border surrounding the entire page. Since I am terrible at coding I've tried modifying every single padding and margin in the html (as well as applying head padding/margin to 0 in various parts of the code) but it hasn't worked for me. Therefor I ask for a little help here.


Perhaps there is something inside the .css asset which is also included in the theme, and not the actual html code?


You can take a look at what the static site looks like with the border here http://everstest.tumblr.comOr see a screenshot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ce6yvrrzzbfkqnb/scrnsht.png?dl=0


Here is a link to the html:

http://pastebin.com/cLsjEEkj.css asset to the theme:http://pastebin.com/uwXWbH7N

Any help localizing what and where needs to be changed/added would be highly appreciated!Thanks!


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At labrador.css line 26

body:before, body:after {    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;    content: "";    height: 20px; /* this is causing top border */    left: 0;    margin: 0;    position: fixed;    right: 0;    z-index: 3;}

and labrador.css at line 43

body {    border-left: 20px solid #FFFFFF;    border-right: 20px solid #FFFFFF;}

causing, obliviously left/right borders.

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