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Recommendations for technology to build an image editing web app


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We are about to start a project that involves editing large ( 6 - 50 Mpixels) images via a web app. The requirements are:


- speed, fluidity, precision (following mouse over details)

- zoom & pan (quick response)

- editing the pixels with a limited number of tools ( brush of variable size )

- saving back the edited image on the server

- small edition on many images per minutes


The type of edition we need to do is quite limited and simple (it is mostly adding or removing pixels with a brush tool).


Are there any library we can use to speed up our development, should we build our own custom editor from raw html5 ... ?


What is the modern way to do something like that ? We want to keep an open-mind so it could be an applet (for example I found this one: http://www.jhlabs.com/ie/ieapplet.html ) or any other library. It might also be better to code everything ourselves to reach our needs.


I am interested in hearing any recommendations.


Thanks in advance!





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The modern way is to probably use a canvas, although I'm not sure how well the browser is going to respond when you tell it to load a 50MB image in a canvas. Maybe there's a way to get it to only show part of the image at a time. Something like Flash can probably do that also, although you'll probably still need to build the various editing tools yourself.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, I agree with Ingolme : Photoshop is very expensive and not much people are familiar with Gimp (and IMHO, it is not very intuitive). Both are too big and slow tools to efficiently do the small editions we need to do over many large images.


We need to go over millions of images, spending about 15 secs on each of them. This is very tedious and we need a good tailored tool to avoid any inefficiencies. We need to be able to train staff quickly, no need to learn these complicated commercial softwares and all their options.


We keep an opened mind but it will definitely be a web app. Any other pointers to existing libraries, tools, applications,... ?



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I don't think any software will get you to edit an image in just 15 seconds. You might be thinking you'll reduce the amount of time it takes to get things done, but take into account how long it's going to take you to create a drawing program in Javascript. It's not a simple task.


One library you can use is jCanvas: http://calebevans.me/projects/jcanvas/index.php

There are others, you just have to search for them.

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