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Error on "W3Schools CSS Quiz"


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Update: I have been informed that there was a "Both font-family and font can be used" answer. I am WRONG!!!! Thanks everyone


Just completed the "W3Schools CSS Quiz" that I planned on having our intro interns take when I was suprised by my 95% result. Upon inspecting my incorrect answer I found myself very confused as there clearly was an error.


For question 15. Which property is used to change the font of an element? I answer font-family, but was given an incorrect.

I have attached screenshots of the question and a google results page of the question and answer in hand.


I EXPECT THIS TO BE FIXED SO I CAN RECLAIM MY THRONE AS KING OF CSS, but on on a less sarcastic note, love the site, keep it up, fix the quiz, live long and prosper! :D






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