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Universal Selector

The Praetorian

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Maybe you could add into the section that talks about id and class, that you can use *.class as a universal selector for all elements that have that class.

It is covered on this page: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_syntax.asp
You can also omit the tag name in the selector to define a style that will be used by all HTML elements that have a certain class. In the example below, all HTML elements with class="center" will be center-aligned:.center {text-align: center} In the code below both the h1 element and the p element have class="center". This means that both elements will follow the rules in the ".center" selector:  <h1 class="center">This heading will be center-aligned</h1><p class="center">This paragraph will also be center-aligned.</p> 
It's ok to drop the * and just use .class :)
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