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How can i select articles based on images


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Hi, need some advice to do logic in my table casue i never face this before, hope you guys help me out this issue


i need to show data from database and the image upload here cause cannot upload here to big system respond


but let me tell here what i stuck it


  1. I need show the row with max id ( Done )
  2. I need show data limit 1 where id != row with max id (Done)
  3. I need show all data without max id (point 1) and point 2

Thanks, and think that it can handle by css by hidden or by selector asecending but still figure out how.




edit : i use codeiigniter

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I know but in codiegnter i don't understand of it how to save variable itself


here is my model

//detail trend function detailtrend($art_slug)	 //consider art_slud is the max id from table		{		return $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM `articles` WHERE art_slug='$art_slug'");	}//sisa trend function lefttrend($art_slug)			{		return $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM `articles` WHERE art_slug != '$art_slug' and art_jenis='TREND' limit 1");	}//how can i write funtion as your said above

Thanks for comment



Freddy Sidauruk

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You understand how to get results from the database, right? So, get the IDs of the records that were returned, save them in a variable. In SQL you can use != or NOT IN to exclude those. Using NOT IN would be slower.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE id != 1 AND id != 2SELECT * FROM table WHERE id NOT IN (1, 2)
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