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Address bar pictures, logo, icon, before the path text. How to do that?


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You know, you seem to have all the answers, I have another question every 1/8th of a second but this one has been there for a bit more than some.

if you don't mind; I don't know what you might call this part of web design, however I see some better pages in my browser have a little 'icon' or 'logo', basically some small fairly simple picture in the address bar before the letters http, what would you call that? is it covered on the site? is it fairly simple?

I am thankful for any replies. If you can get that answered easily enough, I'd sure appreciate it.

at any rate. thanx for the info provided. first forum I have ever really received replies on and they are actually questions answers.

Mucho' gratias

I attached a picture to help describe

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sure dosn't seem to show up as a file for a url, I was thinking it might only work from server url http.

does that sound right

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