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How to transfer my WP site from WAMP to real server


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Hi guys,

I practised building site in WordPress by doing it on virtual WAMP server. Now, I want to tranfer that site to byet.host but I have a problem. Before this I already built one site on byet server so I already have an account and url.

This is what I did: I used FileZilla to transfer those WordPress files to old byethost account. But url now does not work, I guess because I need also a database that I used building a site on WAMP server.

Can you please give me a hand, how to transfer my WordPress site from wamp to real server?

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You have to change url address in control panel general settings, and because Wordpress uses absolute path, you have to run a script (forget name and url address of script) on your hosts serve wordpress directoryr to change all reference to local server url, to you hosts url in wordpress host database. THIS can be painful, make sure you backup, and make sure replacement url is correct.

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