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2 Submits in a form


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Have you tried  "./#name_of_tab"?

./  = same page

#  = some id attribute

name_of_tab =  the value of the id attribute

For example,

<div id='name_of_tab'>

This is my tab contents.

</div><!-- end div.#name_of_tab -->

DISCLAIMER:  I have never tried this, but if it works, why not?


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The first form should submit to itself, on load, validate what is submitted including the submit button name, this means you create JavaScript code, through php, to open new window using window.open() to other page.

Transfer data:

either by sessions from page one, which is read through php page.

by querystring through url of window.open() function that takes you to second page, and let php read it through $_GET['...'];

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