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Accordion script doesn't work on mobile


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This is my page:


In this page i'm using an accordion made in Javascript that i got from here:

In desktop mode functions flawlessly, but when i shrink the nav window, some of the accodin headings become unclickable. If i put less items and try again, it works on a small scren, so i believe that the accordions are overlapping each other somehow and that's why maybe this is more a css issue than a Javascript issue so i didn't know where to post this.

So, can you help me display this accordion on mobile devices?

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It might also be the length of the entry.  The accordion entries are built with <li> elements. The default nature of a <li> element is that of a block.  It may be that whatever is contained in the block exceeds the width of the block.  Is autowrap turned on? Have you tried using shorter entries?  I do not believe that the number of entries is causing the problem.


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Problem solved.

This is the story:

 I'm using the page builder that comes with the Divi Wordpress' theme and for being tidy i created every accordion item in a separated "text element" that caused me the trouble.

What i did to solve it:

I used just 1 text element and i put all the html there and now is working well. So i shouldn't trust those page builders?

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