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How to write if else

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My script reads some data from excel cell. Sometimes excel cell has empty but variable returns 0. I am not sure why. 

Use case:

- read data from excel cell.

- If cell is empty, null, or 0, then assign "baddata" value to variable "Cellvalue"

- If cellvalue NOT EQUAL TO "baddata" then print "good data"

String zip2Value;
String cellvalue;

if (zip2Col == null) OR (zip2Col == 0) {
    cellvalue = "baddata";}

if (cellvalue != "baddata") {
    System.out.println("good  data ");

Is it correct way of writing it?

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Are you sure this is Java? You're using the word "OR" in your code and there are comparisons being done between different data types. I can't see where zip2Col is defined so I don't know what type of data it is.

Assuming zip2Col is a string containing the data from the cell, the following Java code would meet your requirements:

String cellValue = "";
if(zip2Col == null || zip2Col.isEmpty() || zip2Col.equals("0")) {
  cellValue = "baddata";

if(!cellValue.equals("baddata")) {
  System.out.println("good data");


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That's also assuming that if the cell has a 0 it will return the string "0" instead of a number, otherwise you should cast the value to a string.  I don't know enough about the Excel API to know whether you need to do that or not.

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