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Main Navigation Issue on Touchscreen Laptop/Desktop


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Hello there,

I've come across an issue where I'm pretty certain is derives from the JS. I have a site I'm working on and the issue is that the main navigation on laptops and desktops that have a touchscreen display is defaulting to the "mobile/touchscreen" menu/hamburger menu.

On FF and Chrome the issue is apparent, for some reason it is displaying correctly on Edge.

Here are some visuals of my findings:

This what we see on my laptop (with touchscreen) in FF:
A:  https://www.screenmailer.com/v/5jMWcKasUpzC81k

This is what it should look like (same laptop with touchscreen) in Edge:
B: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/06hBfp7ZYMaprGE

To show why I think this is a JS issue, this is what it looks like in FF on laptop (with touchscreen) AFTER I take out the initial fucnction name "ontouchstart" on line 102 in the core.min.js file:
C: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/DcakXzx8EdXhprc
(you can see the "desktop" nav/menu, it's a little jacked up, but it's there)

I'm working on test files to not mess with any of the live site. Test site/files/page here:

I've tried for WAY too long messing with and trying to alter media query's in the CSS, with no luck.

Unfortunately, I'm sh*t with JS...still super newbie!

Any and all help or nudge in the right direction would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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The URL you posted goes to a 404 page, I don't know if all of the same code is on that to look at.  But it would help if you could point out which files to look at.  I assume you have some code testing for touch events which it uses to determine whether or not to show the mobile version.

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