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window.frameElement -> Access is Denied


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The following code snippet is in one of my JavaScripts:

    function ResizeMe(idGrid, ExtraWidth, ExtraHeight)    {  if(window.frameElement != null)  {      if(window.frameElement.tagName == "IFRAME") 	 {

If I run the above code without any kind of Frames, it works fine. However, when the page loads inside a frame, I get an "Access is Denied" error whenever I try to reference the window.frameElement object.I am only developing this for IE, so I don't have to worry about Mozilla or Opera.Help!Thanks, Bryan

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Aaaarrrgggg! Is there a way around this?My code is just making sure that it's window is big enough to show a grid in it.Can I change the size of my "Current" window without trying to hit the parent frame set?

it may be denying access because javascript isn't allowed to access frames that are not of the same domain.

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here is some JS to check the size and resize if necessary

var scr_w = screen.availWidth;var scr_h = screen.availHeight;var browseWidth, browseHeight;if (document.all){   browseWidth=document.body.clientWidth;   browseHeight=document.body.clientHeight;}else{   browseWidth=window.outerWidth;   browseHeight=window.outerHeight;}if (scr_w != browseWidth|| scr_h != browseHeight) {   window.resizeTo(scr_w, scr_h);   window.moveTo(0, 0);}

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