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  1. the array-method would have been my final approach, but i didn't want to go there, for fear i should complicate thing unnecessarilly.eval("variabile_"+variabila + " = valoarea") works best, and it is simplier.
  2. YES! that isi it: eval("variabile_"+variabila + " = valoarea"); I was close, but note close enough: eval("variabile_"+variabila = valoarea); thank you!
  3. how do i create a dinamically named variable and asign a value to it?take for instance the following function: <script type="text/javascript">function go2page(variabila, valoarea) { var variabile_bloc = "www"; var variabile_scara = "ssss"; eval("variabile_"+variabila = valoarea); var pagina = "imobile_search.php?bloc="+ variabile_bloc; document.location=pagina;}</script> and this element: <select name="bloc" id="bloc" onchange="go2page('bloc', this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"> <option value="1">bloc 1</option> <option value="2">bloc 2</option> <option value="3">bloc 3</option></select> the select should asign the variable variabile_bloc" the value this.options[this.selectedIndex].value.any ideeas, please?
  4. thx for the quick response.i've already seen those, and they don't really help. one of them is about .NET and the other removes le last item... or something.i need a solution to delete an element which index i know.
  5. how can i remove an element from an array??somenthing like "MyArray.splice(index,1)" in javascriptor a function like "ArrayRemoveItem" or something....please help! thx
  6. txh alot!I was aware of http://pajhome.org.uk/crypt/md5 but wanted to check for other opinions.I think I'll stick with this one since it's the best regarded... txh again!
  7. Hi there!I've been looking on the allmighty internet for a way to encrypt some data using sha1 algorithm. I have to use HMAC_SHA1 and nothing else! The thing is that most of what I have found were using JavaScript and the key is written in the js file in plain text. I find this quite vulnerable and I would like to use something more secure. Something that would encrypt the data using my SHA1 key on the server - serverside.Does anyone know an ASP script that does this?I'm so totally lost right now, please help!THX
  8. you would need to find a "whois" database that has most of the ip's used at the time. (use google for that)a not so complicated querry should do the rest of the job.
  9. set the database field type as memo.i think that's what you're looking for.
  10. oki! what is the "from" address? if it contains certain words or/and expressions the spam filter of yahoo will send it to bulk. do not use no-reply@xxx.com or registration@xxx.com or stuff like that. use something like office@domain.com... make sure that it is a real address since people might reply to it.PS: your english is terrible
  11. these filters that most of the free email websites use usually look for certain words and phrases.try not to write "promotion", "add", "advertising" and so on...see if this does the trick
  12. also go trough this thread. it might prove helpfull !
  13. well, i'm not trying to crack or hack IE or any other browser, but the easyest sollution i've come up with is an iframe that opens a local page which eventualy opens the desired external page, also in an iframe... the first iframe has any height, while the 2nd iframe is taller, and so i manage to scroll to any desired position. it is no big deal... quite childish actually, but it does the job and that's just what i'm looking for hope i make any sense...
  14. damn!! i won't stop though! i'll try to find a way!thx a lot!
  15. thx for the swift response <body onLoad="document.frames['iframe_name'].scrollTo(10,700)">...<iframe name="iframe_name" id="iframe_name" title="iframe_name" src="http://www.xxx.ro/xxx.php" ></iframe> it gives an error: "Access is denied." it is quite frustrating since it shouldn't be this hard...also tried:[code]document.frames['convertorvalutar'].contents.scrollBy(10,700)
  16. hi there!in this page that i'm bulding there is an iframe with some external content. external means that is from another server. i cannot modify or temper that content in any way, but i would like to scroll to a certain position from my parent page inside that iframe that i have. eg.: <body onLoad="iframe_name.scrollTo(10,700)">...<iframe name="iframe_name" id="iframe_name" title="iframe_name" src="http://www.xxx.ro/xxx.php" ></iframe>.... this is not working... any ideeas?
  17. content removed [be nice] i was just being a little sarcastic
  18. http://www.quirksmode.org/js/iframe.htmlyep!that did the trick ! thanks a lot !
  19. hy there!I have this page that uses several iframes. One of them is like a floating bar and it is used for several websites. Now, i need to get the URL of the opened page (window/top) at any moment. The window.url or window.location is not helping me because they are returning the URL of that floating bar, which is an iframe. I don't want that.Maybe anyone knows a way to get the top window's UR...thx
  20. how could i get a value from a querrystring (in the address) into a javascript??like the expression request.querrytring, just that it should be in JavaScript.eg:www.site.com?string=valuehow could i get the "value" to be used with a javascript in a *.js file !hope i've made myself clear, though it is quite difficult to explain.
  21. silly me... all i wanted was to have that value replaced into the table... but i wasn't doing the UPDATE procedure and i was wanderring why wasn't there any change.. duh! so the "replace" function works just fine, it is me who is not functioning after a hard day's work... please disregard this topic, and, Admin, you might as well erase it completly as it is of no interest to any one...sorry
  22. something like this??? sql.open (select * top 10 from BOOKS where DATE between #& now() and #& now() - 7 order by BORROWED desc), conn
  23. hey! i have a problem... i have a rather lage table and i would like to searce and replace a certain string.eg.:table name: TBLcolumn: CLMN rs.open "select CLMN from TBL",conn while not rs.eof replace (CMLN, "value to be replaced", "the new value") rs.movenext wendrs.close
  24. netcracker

    pattern in asp

    you might find useful the VB function "replace"have an external .vb file with a function like this: function fixit (theString) fixit = replace (theString, "@", "-") fixit = replace (theString, "!", "-") fixit = replace (theString, "%", "-") fixit = replace (theString, "$", "-") (... so on ...)end function and when you take the values, filter them through that function. variable = fixit (trim(request("variable")))
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